Monday, April 6, 2015

A Long Lasting Relationship

Hey peeps!
I'm very bored right now, so I'm gonna write this post as i received so many questions about "Relationship".
I hope you are not bored by this as it will be a very wordy post.
if you are (i hope you are not), please at least read the subtitles and just skim it :p

So, relationship is a big thing, isn't it?
It's the step before getting engaged and then married.
So we gotta choose whose right and best for us.
Some relationship will work and some don't.
My best advice is to get to know your partner deeper before get into a relationship.
However, i know that some people just "click" and the heart tells that they belong to each other.
Here are some tips for a long lasting relationship.
NOTE: These are my opinions towards the topic, so it might not apply to you.

1. Be Honest. Don't Lie.

Do i even need to talk further about it? Being honest applies to everyone in your life. SO, what is so hard being honest to your loved one? If you don’t like the way they do some things, tell them. If you don’t like your partner anymore, tell them, too. The worst thing in a relationship is lying. Once you lie, you’ll not be trustable anymore. And trust, is not easy to build. It takes a very very long time.

2. Give Your Trust.

I know it's hard to trust someone. However, to make a relationship to work, you must trust your partner. If one day, you found out that he/she's lying, then you just do what your heart tells you to do. Take note that i do not encourage you to break up, but still, it depends on how bad the lie is. But if i were you, i would not trust the person anymore. A lie is still a lie. It'll take some time for me to trust them back. 

3. Be Open-minded. Less Jealousy. Be Understanding.

Your environment might be different from your partner's. Try to understand each other's situation and blend in. If you're open-minded enough, i believe there will be less jealousy, which means less fight. There are certain things to keep in mind:
- Your boyfriend will have one or some close "girl"friends. So, try to get to know them before you judge them. Bare in mind that your boyfriend should also know how to distance himself from them. Vice versa.
- Your boyfriend and his ex? ARE NOT BEST FRIEND. If there are some possibilities of your boyfriend having mutual friends to his ex, tell your boyfriend to tell you when he meets her.
- Hanging out with A girl? I'm kinda okay with it (if my partner agrees to it, too) as long as he knows the line and i know where they are going. BUT it also depends on the person he's going out with. There are some trustable people, and some are fake.
- Party allowance? Yes, if i am allowed, too. (it's a fair-fair game, people!). However, both sides need to know the people they're going with and whether they are trustable or not.

4. Make Time.

Make time to go out and have a movie and a dinner with your loved one. No matter how busy you are, keep in contact is what you have to do. It's the extra little thing you do that remind them that they are in your mind the whole day. Especially in a long distance relationship (LDR), you gotta make a time to talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend. If you have no time to chat or message, a voice note or a short call will do. Personally, i feel more connected when having a call. I'm not that type that like to have a video call. It's weird, i know. But i just don't like it. So, for me, a short call is all i need. I don't want to sound exaggerated, but sometimes, hearing his voice calms me down and i feel home <3

5. Be Patient.

Getting into a relationship, you gotta learn to be patient. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. There is nothing perfect in this world we live in. There will always be the ups and downs. Sometimes, the downs will keep coming and you feel that that is the end, but it is not. It's just a test. So may the strongest love pass the test ;)

Above all, 
the main bond in a relationship is love. 
Love has the power to conquer anything and everything ;)

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