Sunday, April 26, 2015

Macau Madness

Tired reading our journey yet? I hope not ;D
It was such a coincidence that my cousin was in HK, too.
She came over to the ferry terminal to meet me.

So.... we took the 2.30 pm ferry to Macau.
We almost missed the sail. LOL
we were the last passengers to get in and we were running like mad.
and it was the start of the madness.
Btw, i got sea sickness :(

So after we arrived at Macau, we bought sim card and then went to our hotel.
The hotel was a lot bigger and better than the one in HK.
We stayed nearby St. Paul; a hotel called Royal Hotel.
We did chill for a while before we went out because we were quite tired.
We went to St. Paul that afternoon and then walk around the area.
We tried the egg tart from both Koi Kei Bakery and Choi Heong Yuen Bakery.
We all agree that the one from Choi Heong Yuen is better.
(and still by the end of the trip, Choi Heong Yuen's egg tart is the best of all)
Left: Koi Kei. Right: Choi Heong Yuen.
At night, we wanted to eat duck. So we found this place from foursquare and we give it a try.
Because we are such a "heavy" eater, we ate these street food from a stall opposite the duck shop.
And it taste bad actually. the red sauce that looks good and we thought it is spicy, turns out to be sour...
It ruins the whole thing...
After we ate, we walked back to our hotel (because no taxi wanted us. they said it is just a few minutes walk. so they don't want to take us).
We stumbled accross beautiful buildings on our way back.
Because i was sooooo damn full, i need smth sour to wash it down.
So there was a bubble tea shop that was still open ... the drink is quite good.

17th March 2015

So the 2nd day in Macau, we were quite relaxing.
We decided to be awake without alarm because we've been very hectic for the past few days.
So we all woke up around 2 pm. it was one of the best sleep ever hahaha
I helped regina with her hair because she is simply too slow ... :p
We went to Galaxy and then Venetian that day.
There's nothing much in Galaxy so after we ate, we went to Venetian.
Me and Claudia were very hungry and we saw this choux pastry thing and there we go...
Well i would say that Beard Papa is better.
These are Xiao Long Bao with mantou bun. It tastes good, but the chili is extremely salty.
This fries are gooddddddd. Besides its generous portion, they use real potato as well :9
And the cheese ....
After the snacks and light meals, we got to Tsui Wah Restaurants and had our "real" meal.
Even though, i was quite full that time, i couldn't resist goose and spicy food and also polo bun.
Sounds like i can't resist everything right? :p
This beef is da booombbbbb me likeyyyyyyyyy
and the Polo bun from Tsui Wah is the best one i've ever tried so far.
LOVE IT DAMN MUCH! This is a MUST to eat.
I found this famous egg tart from Lord Stow's Bakery. 
And i honestly still prefer the one from Choi Heong Yuen's.

18th March 2015

We got this guide book of Macau from the hotel and i saw this place called Senado Square.
So i said to them that i want to go there. We got no plan for today anyway.
We took the cab and guess what?
Senado square is the shops near St. Paul HAHA
So we were back to the same place we went on the first day.
I feel so stupid ... LOL
Anyway, we went to this little cafe that sells Pork Chop bun.
They serve it with polo bun also. So i got the polo bun with cheese.
I wrote on the order list that i want to add egg but i guess they just don't understand it.
So it came without egg ...
Nevertheless, it's still good because it's Polo bun ;D 
but still, can't beat the one from Tsui Wah hehehe
After eating, we walked around and we came across Choi Heong Yuen's Bakery and i just couldn't resist the egg tart.
After quite some time, we were bored with the place and we decided to go back to Venetian.
We know there's a bus to get there, but we didn't know the bus number.
So we saw this bus that says "Border Gate" passing by, and there's a bus stand in front us.
We stood there and waited for a couple of minutes and saw another "Border Gate" bus passing by.
By then, we realize that we were waiting at the wrong bus stand.
Apparently, there's another bus stand further front. LOL
So finally we sat the bus and guess what?
We didn't know where and when we'll be stopping.
When the bus looks like it's going to go back to Macau city, we got down.
In the middle of somewhere...
We were clueless, so we decided to take the cab. HAHAHA
Went to Venetian and strolled around. and watched a show.
From the food stalls nearby bus stand.
Macau bores us very quickly ...
We headed back to Macau city at night and went to Pizza Hut.
It is the most high-class Pizza Hut restaurant i've ever seen.
It looks like a fine dining place.
it's definitely completely different from the ones in Indonesia.
However, the price is also very high. almost triple the price in Indonesia.
Cheese pizza with cornflakes crust. You can tell that they definitely use high quality cheeses.
After dinner, we went to Senado Square and found this scrumptious lok-lok.
The seller is from indonesia and has been in HK for several years and move to Macau few years ago.
The chili sauce is spicy and damn good!
Highly recommend you to eat it if you ever come accross Senado Square.

19th March 2015

Flying back home today :(
And we were almost late for our flight.
Our hotel is not the most convenient place to call a taxi.
We waited for more than 30 minutes to get a taxi.
At first, we thought that we'll need 2 taxis, because we got so many things.
But then the bell boy said that we can squeeze into 1 taxi as we were quite late already.
And tell you what, the driver is a woman...
we were very impatient seeing her driving.
She was like very slow and not even trying to cut the line.
We, thankfully, arrived in time.
But then, we found out that our flight is delayed.
We ate McDonald's for breakfast. 
When we reached Bangkok, we ate McDonald's again.
We were hoping to get the cheesy cheese, but they don't have it in Bangkok.
But they do have the taro pie :9
They also have this savory pie which i can't remember what exactly it is.
I also ate the Chocolate Oreo Doughnut from Krispy Kreme.
The trip surely feel short.
I wish we travelled in a longer period.
Anyway, thank you for my beloved :p brother for making this trip happened to me.
And also the girls on this trip, without y'all, it will never happen either.
Looking forward to more trips, guys! <3<3<3
Adventure never ends ;p

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