Monday, March 12, 2018

Tokyo and it's Food

This Yoghurt Banana Cake is so good. I think this is the best among all. It's definitely better than the original one. HOWEVER, it's only sold at Tokyo Station. Wish I knew it before :(

Wed, 28 Feb 2018

Moving to Tokyo from Osaka by Shinkansen is probably the best way to go.
It's fast and super convenient. 
It takes 2,5hours to reach Tokyo and it costs us 14,250.
Please do note that the train is very, VERY, punctual.
If you're taking the 12.30 pm train, it will depart at 12.30 pm.
No more, no less. I'm serious.
Me and Regina almost missed the trained because we were buying some food.
We ran like mad and the door closes 5 seconds after we were in the train.
It was epic hahahahaha

We stayed at Airbnb in Tokyo and it's located at Shinjuku area.
We thought it is closed to the actual Shinjuku but it's like at the end of Shinjuku.
Our station is called 8. Setagaya-Daita and Shinjuku is no 1.

The directions gave by the owner are very clear but it took us around 20 mins to reach the place.
Since we have so many luggage and stuff to carry, the struggle was real guys. No joke.
Once we reached the place, we needed to climb the stairs and carried our stuff alone.
The apartment is located on the 3rd floor and there's no elevator in the building.
Let me tell you one thing for sure, we had a damn good workout. Thank God it's cold. lol

Our first impression is that there's a bunch of garbage outside the building just like what one of the reviews said. 
We literally used it as a pinpoint.
Secondly, the building is very dirty and old-looking.
Our apartment, however, is rather clean but still old-fashioned looking.
The toilet is separated from the shower and the toilet is not so comfortable. 
It's quite small and well, no bidet.
The bedroom is pretty comfortable and the living room is very homey-like.
Last but not least, there's NO cleaning service. I hate living or staying in a dirty place.
If you know me, then you know that I have an issue with dirt.
Overall, I wouldn't want to stay in an Airbnb again unless there are cleaning services and an elevator in the building.

We chilled for a while after a good workout (lol) and head out to Shin Udon for dinner.
Queued for almost an hour I think, and we finally got seated. 
The restaurant is very, very small as well. 
There are 5 of us and we were seated at this very small table, which I'm pretty sure only seats 2-3 people max in my hometown hahahaha
We ordered one each because it's the policy, and I'm the only one who ordered the cold udon.
Before I tell you what I think of the food, you need to know that udon is one of my least favourite food. I don't hate it, but it's just not my thing.
this Shin Udon is a complete exception.
Aside from being freshly made, the texture of the udon is just on point.
The chewiness of the udon is PURRRRFECT.
My cold udon comes with vegetable tempura and that's it.
No sauce, no nothing.
So I had to add soy sauce, sesame seeds, and the chili flakes on my own.
Honestly, I don't really care much for the sauces, because the Udon itself is already superior. 
The tempura is just okay i think. Not the biggest fan of tempura as well.

The rest of the gang ordered hot udon and I tried one with the Bacon Tempura.
Let me repeat. Bacon Tempura.
How good does that sound?????
But it's a bit too greasy for my liking tho, so again, don't really care for it.
The hot udon has a completely different texture to the cold one.
It's still very good.
You have to try it yourself to find out which one you like best ;)

After dinner, we sent off Claudia's mom and sister back to the apartment.
We met up with Angela, who happens to be in Tokyo too, afterward.
Our plan was to go to the "Red Light District" of Tokyo.
But we ended up at a place full of small bars and alleys. 
It was pretty scary honestly. The way people stare and the unfriendly environment.
Wasn't our luck to be there anyway cause it drizzles not long after.
We had to go to Lawson and buy an umbrella because Claudia wasn't wearing a hat.
But the rain stops few minutes after we walked out of Lawson LOL
We were exhausted and needed to sit down so we managed to find a small shop that is a bit far away from those bars. 

Thurs, 1 March 2018

Tried this small coffee shop at the corner near our Airbnb. Not a fan hahaha

We bought our entrance ticket from and it's around Idr 940k.
That Mickey thing is filled with delicious caramel custard. I don't really care for the cake part tho.
Weirdly blue and Pineapple flavoured Hot soda drink and Rice wrapped in greasy bacon.

 Bought the popsicle because it's cute but I regretted afterward. 
I think it's raspberry or something I can't remember.
It tastes good but it's definitely not for 12C weather lol

We came pretty late, around 3 pm.
We couldn't see much because the sky gets dark at 5.30 pm.
We only went on 2 rides; Tower of Terror and Journey to the Centre of the Earth.
Queued for 1 hour plus for each but thankfully, both rides are very fun and unpredictable.
Lesson learned: Always buy express pass whenever it's available.
Cinnamon Churros has a great flavour but it's too hard.

Sadly, the wind was too strong that night so they had to cancel the firework show :(
One tip is to go to the Aladin's world first if you wanna take pictures because it's very beautiful there.
The picture above is the 2-stories Merry-Go-Round in Aladin's world.
It's damn beautiful.
We only discovered the place when it was dark so we couldn't take any good pictures.
But it's alright...
A reason to come back ay?

If you ask which one do I prefer, Universal Studio or Disney Sea, it depends on what is your purpose.
If you want a more extreme ride, go to Universal Studio. 
Disney Sea has a lot of attractions but they are more towards children-friendly ones, but for picture purposes, Disney Sea is better.
Nevertheless, if you have the time, do visit both, because why not?

Fri, 2 March 2018
The coffee shop near our place wasn't open yet so... vending machine coffee it is.
Woke up at 7 am to go to Tsujiki Fish Market is probably one of the most worth it experience.
Don't be hesitant because the fish market doesn't smell hahahahaha
The fishes are super damn fresh and good.
We tried sea urchin (¥1000), super jumbo Scallops (¥500), Otoro - Tuna Belly (¥1500), and many more.
It's my first time trying Sea Urchin and it's really good. No wonder some people go crazy on it.
The scallops are a no-no for us. It's just too... huge.
The must try is the Otoro. It has this buttery texture that literally M-E-L-T-S in your mouth.

We also went into a restaurant and we ordered some sushi and sushi bowl (no idea what it's called).
The salmon sashimi and roe are superb. Hands down the best one I've had so far.
I'm pretty sure no other sushi place can ever beat it.
Not only the main star is delicious, even the rice is damn good.
No idea how Japanese do this but they really know their stuff. Much respect for them.
We also tried the famous Japanese egg - Tamagoyaki (¥100).
Never been a fan of Tamagoyaki because it's rather sweet.
I like my eggs to be on the savory side.
As a fruit maniac, I have to try their famous Melon.
It costs ¥800 and it's decent...
It's sweet and juicy but really doesn't worth that much.
I've had tastier Melon in Bangkok. hahahaha
After stuffing ourselves, we went back to the Airbnb to shower and get ready.
Yes, we didn't shower in the morning cause we just had one at 2 am. So why bother (don't judge).
Our itinerary today is to go to Shibuya and Harajuku.
We spent half of the day in Shibuya wandering around, taking pictures, and buying lots of snacks.
We also tried this famous Gindaco Takoyaki, but I still prefer the one from Osaka Castle.
We supposed to try Gyukatsu Motomura but we were pretty full from the takoyaki, and we have to order one each, so probably next time :(

We headed to Harajuku around 9pm and most of the shops are closed except food stores, Daiso, and a cosmetic shop.
Because it was very windy that night, we settled in at McDonald's for a good hour or so before heading back.
I tried the Chocolate Pie and it's very greasy. Not recommended.

Sat, 3 March 2018

First on the list today is to go to Sensoji Temple.
While on our way there, we found this bakery selling muffins and brownies besides a "food" convenient store.
I bought a Matcha baked doughnut and a can of coffee and both are no good lol
The Black Sesame Muffin with creamy Peanut Butter filling is super good.
It's moist, the right amount of sweetness, and a bit of savouriness from the sesame. SUPERB.
The Orange brownies are decent. It's preference I guess.
I just don't like the orange + chocolate combo. I'm just buying it because, well, it's brownies. I just have to try it.
Finally made it to the temple, made our prayers and got our fortune words.
I took the fortune thing twice; first without saying anything it came out pretty bad, second with wishes and it came out good.
So I'm not sure how true it is but let's just hope for the best.
There are a lot of shops selling food and souvenirs around the temple.
There's even a small theme park nearby.
We tried some Takoyaki (yes, we love our Takoyakis), Rice crackers, Melon bun, and a fried thing made out of Pork&Chicken.
Everything smells great, looks great, but decent taste-wise.
After strolling around, we headed to a park which Egi found on Google that's said to have blooming Sakura trees. 

Made it there and it's closed. LOL

We found this crepe roll shop somewhere in the train station and it's really good.
This one is filled with Matcha cream and red bean. So good :9
Anyways, dinner is fantastic.
We had dinner at Tokori in Shinjuku.
We ordered the Assorted Yamagata Beef and it worths every yen.
It's freaking good and seriously, the best beef I've had.
What we had:
1. Round mix
2. Rib mix
3. deluxe round
4. Deluxe chuck roll
5. Bone-less short rib
6. Specially selected rib (spencer roll) ❤️
7. chuck roll mix
8. tri-tip ❤️
9. deluxe chuck roll❤️
10. chuck rib
11. oyster blade❤️

and we also ordered, "Thick sliced center cut beef tongue".
The ones with the hearts are the ones I like the most.
The beef tongue is definitely a winner as well.

The dinner costs us around ¥5000 plus, each.

I know there's a lot of other restaurants selling the same thing, we just happened to be living in this area so we give it a try because we wanted to go back early to pack.

Found this waffle place near the station before going back.
Was considering between ice cream or waffle, I ended up with Earl Grey Waflle.
It's very good :9
I don't really drink earl grey tea but when it's in a dessert, please call me.
and also,
since it was our last night in Tokyo,
and we haven't got the chance to try those Ramen places where you eat standing up,
we decided to try one.
Thankfully we can order one and share lol
So you order your meal and make the payment via machine located outside the shop and get the meal later inside the shop.
It's pretty convenient and fast.
The ramen is so-so. But at its price, it's not bad. The duck is pretty darn good for a place like this hahaha

And on our way back, we saw Aeon around our area so we decided to check it out for a bit.
And we walked out with, suprise surprise, more food.
Thankfully it's just ice cream lol
wanted to try the Skippy one so bad but I have had enough food. lol
Also got myself a Matcha Scone from Dean & Deluca and it's sooooo good.

We have, finally, come to the end of this post and my Japan trip!
Thank you for reading and I hope you get an idea or information you needed.
If you've been to any good restaurants or eateries in Japan, leave it in the comment section below so that I can put it on my list for next trip.
xx, Julia.
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