Monday, April 20, 2015

Hong Kong "Cheezy Cheese"

Finally, now i'm able to write and post this.
It's quite late due to my human-error problem.
I forgot to bring my memory card with me when i came back to KL. 
But thanks to my awesome friend, Derric, he brought it back to me! 
(Thanks Derric! i know you won't be reading this but yeah ...)
Anyway, Thanks to my brother for giving me this trip for my birthday present :3 You're the best!

Before i get to story, i want to tell y'all that don't choose air asia for a transit flight.
I SWEAR it was terrible. Unless you have no choice then bear with it. 
We supposed to have a transit flight thru Bangkok, and the night before the flight, we received an email stating that our flight has been rescheduled to a later time. 
If the flight is delayed, we won't be able to catch our next flight. So we called to the customer service and ask about it. Then they said our flight will not be rescheduled.
The next morning, when we were on our way to the airport, we received another email stating that our flight has been changed the transit to  KL and it was an earlier flight than the one going to Bangkok. Thankfully, it was only a 30-min difference. 

So, anyway, HK day 1.
We reached there at night. So we straight away went to our hotel and check-in.
Apparently, we wore and BROUGHT the WRONG CLOTHES.
It's was so cold that time. I think it was around 14C to 16C.
Thankfully i wore long sleeve and i brought few jackets with me.
Anyway, after we settled everything, we were very hungry. 
We wanted to go to this Temple Night Market by cab, but then no one wants to bring us there. 
We waited for so long and we decided to find the MTR. 

We asked the guy who sells fruit because he can speak a bit of chinese and we walked pass by the shop.
Although the fruit he sells are pretty expensive, we bought this because we feel bad for asking so many questions
Hot-Star nearby our hotel.
After a few minutes of walking, we finally found our way to the MTR.
We asked the guy from the selling counter how to get to the market. We bought the route that he told us to go. And... we end up in the middle of nowhere. 
But we found food, so yeah, we just ate whatever there is.

13rd March 2015

See that oozing custard?!!!!
Today, we went to this bakery that sells SALTED EGG CUSTARD CROISSANT. 
even the name itself is already tempting. OMG
Unfortunately, we custard filling we get is not a lot.
Not to mention the price, but it is pretty pricey, Despite the fact that the mineral water cost the same as the croissant. 
Nevertheless, it is still a food that will make me go back again and again.
After lunch, we went to Ocean Park.
Because it was pretty cold, they close most of the extreme rides. 
We should have gone to Disney Land instead; since we couldn't play much.
Sorry to post this gi. You guys are so cute HEHEHE

We were very distracted by the cuteness of that hat LOL
(in the cable car) i have a fear of heights so i said to them, please distract me from looking down or out!
So we took pictures hehehehe
They were freezing lol
At night, we wanted to go to this famous "Indonesian" siumai. But it was close :(
So, me, febby, and claudia went to the HK restaurant called Tsui Wah Restaurant.
Egi and her boyfriend, Albert, went to a sushi buffet. 
We didn't want to go with them because it'll be very filling and sushi? Come on...
Anyway, the Tsui Wah Restaurant is DAMNNNNNN GOOOODDDD.
Especially the Pineapple Bun they have. OMG. 
I can't found any good ones in KL :( NOT EVEN ONE :( Take me back pleaseeee TT
Busy calling boyfriend. Busy calling friend. *Febby* Mirror selfie :p
Creme Brulee Oreo. Too sweet for my liking. Not bad tho.

14th March 2015

One of the best :9
We went to Ladies Market today. It sounds like a heaven for girls isn't it?
Sadly, it's not. There's nothing we can buy there. All they sell was pretty much the same.
Phone cases, necklaces, t-shirts, souveniers, and some other unimportant stuff. 
Oh, me and egi, we bought fish eye lens. 
But the lens is somewhat scratched and it gives a blurry effect to the picture. SO it's kinda useless.
After a while, egi went to meet albert. The 3 of us went to Times Square to meet Claudia's friend, Kent. He came from Guangzhou to HK.
I have no idea why ....
We walked around Times Square and then we found out there's a Pierre Herme shop.
So we give it a try.
I would say it is not bad. But if compared to Laduree, i will personally choose Laduree. 
(And if compared to La Maison, i will choose La Maision :p)

Around 8.30pm, all the shops in this particular place (I can't remember the mall's name) will be closed.
As we were extremely tired because of all the walkings, we rest our self at this fine dining place inside the mall. 
After we fill our self with some energy, we walked along the street and found this street food "lok-lok".
The egg waffle is terrible. The lok-lok, well, not that good, too.
It was almost mid-night but we found this delicious-looking ice cream.
I couldn't resist so i tried. Actually, all of us tried. lol. Even tho we were quite full already. 
BUT! the ice cream is definitely worth the space in the almost-full-stomach.
Wait... I said we were full right? HAHA
Do you really think that was it?
After the chit chat, we went to McDonald's and discovered the amazingly scrumptious "Cheezy cheese".
I have no idea whether it's called "Cheezy cheese" or that's just how we called it. 
It's seriously addictive and PLEASE, I don't eat fast food. BUT THIS! is an exception.

15th March 2015

We bought some food while queuing because ... we just feel like it :p
I found this very famous scrambled-egg place in Jordan called Australian Dairy Company.
The queue was crazily long. Indeed, it is the best scrambled-egg E.V.E.R.
Anyway, do you spot that brown glass with the spoon inside? 
Febby and Claudia drank it HAHAHAHAHAHA
The awkward moment is after they drank it, the family that sits with us, dipped the spoon inside. LOL
So basically the tea is for the guest to wash their utensils. HAHAHAHAHA OHGOD
Sorry Guys, i have to tell this story. It's too damn funny HAHAHHAHA
A store in Queensway. Milk taste is too strong and it's too sweet.
After the meal, we went to Queensway Plaza and then back to Times Square again.
Long story short, Kent went back to Guangzhou at night and then, we went to Wan Chai.
I also found this famous egg waflle with soft serve ice cream, Oddies Foodies.
The chocolate ice cream is definitely one of the best :9 the waffles are quite nice, too.
Definitely will go back if i have the chance to.
(Claudia) Ham&cheese egg waffle. (me) Night Wolf. (febby) DR. OODIE
After our heavy-snack time, we went to a dim sum place nearby, called DimDimDim Dim Sum.
How can we leave HK without having dim sum? right?
So this place has a quite high rating on the Internet.
Despite the fact that i was pretty full when i ate it, i will rate it probably 6/10.
It's not good, but it's not that bad either. So yeah ...
 This sums up half of the trip.

(YouTube Video)


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