Sunday, February 22, 2015

18th: LEGAL

No, i don't like being eighteen.
I don't like growing up. I hate being old.
15 february is my birthday, and this year, i'm 18.
I've been living in this world for 18 years.
i feel damn old weyyyyyyyyyyy :(

Before i tell you what happened on my Birthday, i'll first of all tell u how was Valentine.
I had dinner with my bae and Chelcia and Tony at The View.
The foods were all TERRIBLE and SO NOT WORTH THE PRICE.
I look like an indian girl with a grandpa. LOL
And this is what i made for mom. 
although it might not be as perfect or beautiful as the real ones,
it's made from the heart :P

Okay. Now my Birthday.
I must say that it was the worst and one of the best birthdays ever.
it was the worst because i spent the whole freaking afternoon at home,
had a small fight with my boyfriend,
had an argue with mom in the morning, and she didn't really care about my birthday.

If you don't know this, i'm going to tell yall something.
Birthday is an important day for me.
i feel like it should be celebrated every single year, no matter what happen.
it's not a birthday without a cake and at least a candle to blow.

Okay... So...
I only got out at night because i planned a dinner with my family.
We ate dinner at sushitei and apparently it was quite entertaining.

After that, Roni and I went to Sams and chill at for a while.
He knows that i was in the "sad mood'.
I'm going to be honest to yall that i'm sad because i was left alone in the house half of the day.
And he wasn't there for me.
He thought that it was because he didn't give me any present HAHAHA
Anyway, Sams closes at 10.30 pm.
When it was around 10 pm, Roni kept saying that he hasn't given me a cake; the cake is at his house.
He said that he wants to buy me the small cakes from Sams because he wants to give at least a cake before 12 am, but i didn't want to.
Anyway, after Sams closes, we head over to his house because he wanted "to give me the cake".

When we arrived and when i opened the car's door, i heard noises.
after that, i heard the sound of "ssttt". and then it was quiet.
few seconds later it was loud again.
so suddenly the garage door was open and i saw all my bestfriends there.
They shouted happy birthday very loudly. (Poor neighbors).
I was in a complete shock for a second.
i couldn't really say anything and didn't know what to do.
That's how shock i was.
The first thing i saw is the monkey balloon.
it is sooooooooooooo cuteeeee (i took it home with me and it's still in my house right now.)
I couldn't be any happier and i kept thanking my boyfriend for planning it for me.
and also thanks to cupcupgirls+peter+the boyfriends who have helped my boyfriend with his plan.

17th January 2015

Dinner with Roni, Chelcia, Cupcupgirls+peter+the boyfriends at The Kitchen, Aryaduta.
(My mom and my brother came to eat too but they sit at a separate table)

The food came extremely slow. we waited for 1 hour and 30 minutes for our food. OHGOD

And these are the presents i got this year <3
(Thankyou for the presents too lovess!!)
From Ellen ii
From Cupcupgirl+Peter+Claudia
From Roni
From Roni
From Febby
From Vetriana and Alvy
Last surprise from high school friends <3
We planned to meet up.
So, when they came to pick me up,
they all sang the happy birthday song once i opened the car's door.
i feel very grateful having them lighten up the night <3


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