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Little City of FOOD

Yes, it's in Malaysia.
It's an hour flight from KL.
It's famous for the Char Kuey Teow, Ais Chendul, Asam Laksa, and many more!
Yes, you got it right. 

So, me and my boyfriend, we've been planning this for a long time. (Since the last time i went)
It's simply because he has never been there.
SO, FINALLY, we went there last weekend (Friday, 30th Jan - Sunday, 1st Feb).

30th January 2015

He arrived an hour before me.
Okay. My flight was terrible.
I had a thought of getting out of the plane.
They kept restarting the plane. 3 times.
They said, "there's something wrong with the engine (or smth like that)"
I promised myself if there's someone leaving the plane, i would leave, too.
(i guess i watched too much movie and over-reacted?)
But safety always comes first, am i right? :p

So anyway, after we checked-in and all, our first meal in Penang was Char Kuey Teow and Ais Chendul from Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul. It's very crucial to go to this Ais Chendul place because it's thatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt GOOD.
After 10 minutes of walking under the sun, we were extremely hot.
So this Ais Chendul is a lifesaver. 
Favourite Chendul of all time.
This is my own preference, but i prefer this char kuey teow than the one at Lorong Selamat.
Duck Egg. Spicy. Mine.
Duck Egg. Original. His.
After eating, we took the cab and head over to Gurney Plaza. We basically just walked around and wanted to shop, but there was not much that we could buy. 
After a couple of hours, since i was thirsty too, we cooled down ourselves with mangoes from Hui Lau San. He loveeeesss mango ;)
 We strolled up and down, so basically, the whole mall.
After that, we walked to Gurney Paragon.
I love the architecture design there. It feels like those Old British place or smth like that.
After a quick stroll, we had dinner at Gurney Drive Street Food a.k.a Huana Kak.
Rojak. Not bad
Lok-lok. Not bad.
Fried Oyster. TERRIBLE.
After dinner, we decided to chill at Gurney Paragon, in one of the restaurants with outdoor sitting.
So we had some drinks at Chicago Rib House and I ordered this drink called "Chambord Martini", which turns out to be my cup of tea. It's sour with an orange flavour, in an alcohol way (make sense?). Anyway, this is indeed on my list of Martini. 

31st January 2015
Can you believe it's already the end of the month? 
Time is seriously waiting for nobody.
Anyway, last night, we said that we're going to wake up early and eat dim sum.
Guess what? we didn't. We went out at 12 pm ;D
We, or it's just me, felt very sleepy and i could hardly open my eyes...
Anyway, we went out for our lunch at Prosperous Dim Sum.
He said that this is the best dim sum he ever had.
Everything is just perfectly cooked; flavours are all well-balanced.
And as always, we ordered A LOT. 

But we managed to finish everything except the green thingy.
Yeap. that one on the left.
It has a very strong ginger flavour and i don't like it. at all.

Around 2 pm, we went to Gurney Paragon again -.-
Seriously, there's nothing much you can do in Penang except for eating.
After few hours of walking, i was kinda tired and wanted to sit.
I've been wanting to go to this chocolate place since the first visit.
So we did. We ordered the chocolate fondue.
i personally enjoy the outdoor sitting of this place.
I enjoy the view and the wind, 
although it can be quite annoying when you want to take pictures.
After all the sweets, i was extremely full and need to walk around.
I found this store called "Bath&Body Works"
and I LOVEE almost EVERY SMELL they have.
(PLUS i feel like they're inexpensive, too!)
i had to resist on buying too much because i brought a very small luggage. 
and i have no space in my room anymore...
Anyway, there's this guy employee and he's very nice and sweet.
He was very helpful in my decision-making on what smell should i go for.
not to mention that i also LOVE their Candles.
Unfortunately, i must honestly say that i don't know how to use a lighter nor match.
In the end, i decided to buy one set (body mist, lotion, and shower gel) of "Amber Blush" 
and a bottle of body mist, "mad about you".
We had our very late dinner at Morganfield's.
It was the first time i try it and I LOVE IT.
especially the sausage.
I prefer this one than the ones from Brotzeit.
I would definitely go back (SOON!).

1st February 2015
My favourite month of the year. Guess why? :p
I hope for the best for this month.
I hope nothing goes wrong.
We go back today, but our flights are at night.
So, we still have, technically, the whole day.
We checked-out at 11.30 am.
We managed to go out 30 min earlier today :p

The weather was crazily hot.
But the place we were heading to is in a walking distance.
So we walked.
We wanted to eat chicken&duck rice recommended by Roni's friend.
But when we reached there, it was closed ....
So we headed to the Lorong Selamat Char Kuey Teow instead.
I had the fried oyster and he had ABC and of course, char kuey teow.
We both agree that this is SOOO GOOD.
the taste is definitely different from the first time i tried it.
probably different stall or they have just improved.
After that, we went to Prangin Mall and 1st Avenue.
As usual, we strolled around and kinda shop a little.
We also ate this waffle, which i had the other day.
Around 4 pm, we went to this famous pancake stall.
"Anson Road Market Pancake (万煎糕)"
Peanut + white sugar
Peanut + white&brown sugar + Cheese
After eating under the sun, we chill for a while at the opposite kopitiam. 
Next, we went to this small Cantonese Pastry shop called "Ming Xiang Tai".
they're famous for their Egg Tart.
But i swear, everything they have is the best out of the best.
The egg tart was a bit sweet for my liking, but it has a hint of ginger, 
which makes it so damn delicious. 
And besides it is a Glutinous Coocnut Puff, which is indeed a food from heaven. 
A selfie on the street while walking back to our place.
This is at GLOW Hotel.
We were just walking pass by this place and i need to go to the toilet.
He thought that the place is quite cool,
so he asked me to have a shot with it ;D
*My boyfriend*
Last stop before heading to the airport,
"new lane" hawker center nearby our hotel.
Chee Chong Fun.
i like the Medan version better :p 
i can't remember the name. but i think it's carrot cake but cooked in char kuey teow way.
These are snacks that i bring back with me.
Salted egg pastry, Glutinous Coconut Puff, .
Chicken floss pastry, Pandan lotus and salted egg pastry.

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