Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas 2014 (Part 1)

It's the time of the year everyone loves.
Went to BKK again on 24th of December 2014 with Roni's family and Nikita. 
It was one hell of a lot of fun, even though dramas took parts. 
what we had for dinner - CentralWorld (not that good)
Those breads are so gooddddd
Smth like martabak but with only egg and banana
He insisted on buying me this Cony balloon when we saw it being sold along the street.
He said it's a kind of an apology :p
(I couldn't remember what he did wrong tho. LOL)

25 December 2014. Merry Christmas everyone!!

We went out quite late so we skipped breakfast and had our lunch at Siam Paragon's foodcourt.
we tried the thai spicy sausage and we don't like it. Others might taste better but not the thai's.
it's smth like a crepe with fillings. i tried the taro and coconut.
I prefer taro but my boyfie prefers coconut.
These egg tarts are daboommmm!

 Went for shopping after lunch and then After You for tea break/dinner!

Ferrero Tart. AWHSUM!
Bought this from a dessert shop locate somewhere near After You. 
The famous 'Salt Fish' along the street in front of CentralWorld.
It turns out to be extremely good.
We ended up with 4 plates of fish and 2-3 plates of morning-glory.
Best SomTam (Papaya Salad) so far!

26 December 2014

Went to Platinum today...

our "no reaction" pic.
because i was feeling hottttt in the mid of the shopping spree
and he wanted some snacks while accompanying me.
we had dinner at Baiyoke Hotel. A sky dinner on the 78th floor.
We imagined that the place will be very high class and all, 
but it turns out to be very lame ....
kind of disappointed. 
At first we wanted to have the dinner on the cruise, but then it was quite full.
no upper deck-outdoor seating. So we decided to give Baiyoke a shot,
 as we heard some good reviews on it. 


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