Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bangkok Countinues (Part 2)

27 December 2014
Nothing much today. We had breakfast at the hotel,
 and i guess we skipped lunch. (i can't remember...)
Muffins sold when we walked across the malls from Central smth to Central Embassy.
We went to Central Embassy and finally bought Peter his birthday gift.

Guess who's car is it?? :p
At night, we went to this Thai restaurant i found on the internet. 
Ban Khun Mae. 
The food is quite delicious but the pad thai is bad. 

Don't order the Pad Thai. SO NOT RECOMENDED.
So after dinner, we decided to meet up with Vivi Cen and all, and Chelci&Tony.
We wanted to spend the night going to the club.
But then... Funny story.
First, we wanted to go to this club which has the same name as a massage place. 
So the taxi driver was confused.
Then, after he knows the place, he brought us there.
It was closed.
Then, Tony found this club on the internet.
We went to that place, and turns out to be empty and there was only a live band.
Plus, the place is ... i don't know how to describe it. it's worse than just 'poor'.
Lastly, we went to this place which is recommended by a friend. 
I can't remember the club's name. 
The place is cool, unfortunately, some of us didn't bring IC.
So we couldn't get in. 
Another bad luck is it was raining heavily when we wanted to go to the club.
the rain stopped when we cancelled the plan to go in.
Was it a sign? 
We went back to our hotel and realize that there are some underground clubs in Intercontinental hotel.
So we checked it out.
Guess what? They need to see IC also.
So we ended up going back to our room.
Vivi Cen and others went back to their hotel;
Peter and his parents went back to their room;
The remains, went to our room and we ordered beers (SINGHA) and a bottle of wine.
We played games and the loser drink as much as what we've decided. 
This was the best part of the trip. I swear i laughed until my stomach hurts.
Chelci&Tony went back to their hotel, which is just the opposite of ours, around 4 am.
And i guess we slept around 5 am?
This is definitely a night to remember! CHEERS!

28 December 2014

So me and Roni woke up around 10 am and went down to have our breakfast.
we were extremely sleepy but i was hungry.
So he couldn't say no :p

So after breakfast and baths, me and Nikita went to the nearby Four Faces Buddha place.
I was actually accompanying her. She prays, so i pray.
Anyways, we went to Central Embassy again today.
We just love the ambience there.
Not so crowded and the place feels clean.
We walked across this coconut ice cream on our way to Central Embassy.
Taste 2/10.
I was being pulled by the breads and pastries by PAUL. 
I couldn't resist so Roni and I decided to sit down and indulge for a while.
Since we had nothing to shop and we were waiting for his parents shopping.

10 out of 10 !!! ME LIKEY ;D
We head over to Ban Khun Mae again for dinner because everyone loves the food.

This wasn't all. I swear.

29 December 2014. Happy Birthday Peter ;D

Bye Bangkok :( Hello Singapore!

The trip hasn't ended so wait for the next post!

Some snacks i bought from Bangkok.

I couldn't even bite this thing... Very rubbery.



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