Monday, May 16, 2016

5 Ways to Wear Casual Tops x Match.Inc

Hi there! Julia’s here. I’m collaborating with Match.Inc to show you ways to wear casual tops. Let’s not further due and start with the first look. Enjoy!

Style #1

The first style is pretty caszh and simple; cropped tank top + high-waist skinny jeans + heels. The hat is just an extra accessory for those who want to look more chic than the others (Being different is good!). If you’re not a big fan of hats or feeling unconfident with it, you can choose to put on big and bold earrings to add that something extra.

Loose top is best to be paired up with tight bottom. It shouts out the classy vibe and not the baggy vibe, because I prefer classy than baggy (but if that’s what you prefer, then go ahead). Oh, and I tucked in one side of the top to show my body curve – it’s those extra little things you do that make you look different.

I have loved strappy heels sandals for a year now. It pairs perfectly with any outfit. It’s very versatile and I think every girl should have at least one pair. Anyway, wearing heels, any heels, will give you that extra height and make you look like you have long legs (every girls dream, right?).

Style #2

Pairing the same cropped tank top, now I’m bringing in the formal style. Throw on jacket, blazer, or in my case, vest, gives you that formal-looking image. To make it less formal, I paired it with a high-waist short. Can you see the high-waist pattern yet? I always wear cropped tops with high-waist bottoms. It’s simply because I want to hide my tummy. HAHAHA. Okay, I have other reasons for it. Not everyone is comfortable in showing their stomach – unless you have abs… Not only because of that but also, norms (I think you understand what I’m trying to say).

Back to the outfit, if you’re going for a meeting or any formal occasion, feel free to opt for skinny jeans. Oh, skirt would be a nice twist, too. No matter what you paired it with, the vest guarantees a perfect Saturday night out. But remember not to forget the heels! For this outfit, I choose to wear nude strappy heels sandals because I’m going for that nude vibe. And for this look, I put on simple gold earrings to complete the formal yet classy sensation.

Style #3

Moving on to sweater, for me, Indonesia isn’t the perfect country for sweaters. It doesn’t have the “sweater” weather, am I right? However, that doesn’t stop me from wearing one, especially when I’m going for a movie, it could get pretty cold inside the cinema sometimes.

There are ways to wear sweaters besides pairing it up with jeans and sneakers. Why not try it with skirts? I prefer bandage skirt but you can style it up however you want. I know not everyone like to wear tight skirts but hey, the loose sweater will cover it up (I’m talking about Mr. Tummy right here).

For this look, I’m going for sporty + feminine look. I choose to wear white bandage with the black sweater because black and white is always my thing. If you would like to wear other colours, like yellow or red, yes please. If you want to go for all-black thing, go ahead. This time, I wear black slip-on to stressed-on sportier feel, as the skirt is strong enough in providing the feminine side. You can also wear sneakers if you own one. I also tied up my hair after I curled it to complete the sporty + feminine look.

Style #4

T-shirt is one of the most versatile tops one could ever own. It can be paired up with anything, seriously. For the fourth look, I choose to style it super caszh and sporty. We all have that day where we are just very lazy to dress up but still want to look fashionable. This is the perfect style for that “I woke up like this” day.

I’m pairing the T-shirt with a white (rubber) short. No one wants to wear tight jeans and skirts every single day. Mr. Tummy needs to breathe, ain’t he? So, I put on a baseball hat because when “I woke up like this”, I don’t really like to style my hair much – very much likely having a bad hair day too. To add that extra sporty feel, I choose to wear my slip-on. If you’re feeling a bit fancy or want to look like you put an effort, wear strappy heels sandals and you’re good to go for a girl’s day out.

Style #5

The final look is simple, chic, and classy. In one word, it’s the "Effortless look". It’s the look you put on for a Sunday brunch or even for a day-to-day outfit. It’s simple because of the T-shirt, but chic and classy because of the accessories and heels. This look makes you look like you put a lot of effort but yet it’s just the classic T-shirt and jeans with added accessories.  

The T-shirt is quite fitted so I’m matching it with a mom jeans, but if you want to accentuate your body more, you might want to wear a skinny jeans. I always think that mom jeans pairs well with strappy heels sandals, so that’s what I’m wearing. To finalize the look, I hang on the long necklaces and also a pair of gold earrings to go with the gold necklaces.

So that wraps up the 5 Ways to Wear Casual Tops. I hope it gives you ideas of how versatile a casual top is. How it can go from very casual, to sporty, to classy by matching it with the clothes you have in your wardrobe. These tops by Match.Inc are made with high quality fabrics and also cute yet edgy designs. Get yours and show us (please tag us on Instagram @juliajoman & how do you style your casual tops. I’m looking forward to it! Thank you for purchasing Match.Inc (if you had) and thank you for reading this article. xx Julia


  1. Very clever idea you have shared in your article.I am definetly going to try some of these ideas next time I face a problem in choosing my outfit

  2. Definitely these are the wonderful ways to pair tees and tank tops for everyday wear. Looks stylish and even comfortable also. I always choose my favorite online store to shop for clothing. Their styles and quality are suitable to all. And the other issue is the prices that are also in budget.


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