Monday, May 9, 2016

Study Abroad Tips

HEY THERE! I recently realized that I haven't posted anything since February. LOL
Since I've graduated, I feel that I can share some tips for those who are going to study abroad or moving to somewhere new. These are only basic things that I hope you'll find helpful. So let's not further due and get started with the first tips.

#1 BE MENTALLY PREPARED (and physically, maybe)

No matter how much you dislike your family, you will surely be homesick once you're abroad. The first few days will be your worst nightmare, I SWEAR. Be things must go on and you must move on, too. So no matter how homesick you are, you have to be strong and face the reality that you are alone. I know it sounds tough, but once you get the hang of it, I'm sure you'll be fine. It's just a part of life's cycle. 

Oh, I did mention physically, right? Because when you're alone, you have to do all things by yourself. First thing first is cleaning up your room and doing your laundry. If those are your chores back home, then it's good for you. If they aren't, congratulations. You will be your own maid for years starting from that day. 


You would wish to be able to bring your whole room with you, but hey, the lesser things you brought with you, the more things you could buy later on ;) You don't have to worry that much of what things to bring. Any things that you wish to bring will be available at anywhere you'll go. Most important things would be;
- money (obviously), 
- few clothes (and some accessories and shoes) to survive probably a month, 
- your beauty products (including shower essentials; body soap, shampoo, a towel), 
- a hair dryer (this is important!!) and your curling iron or whatnots, 
- your gadgets (laptop, camera),
- a set of bed sheets and a blanket,
- medicine and vitamins.
I think that's about it. I feel that the rest of the stuff can be bought at other places, so you will only need to bring things that you can't survive a day without. 


Not everyone will have their parents transferring money when they need some. Some people will have a budget. Some are sufficient enough to live for a month, some might need to save a little. So no matter how much you have, try to count and see what are the things that you spend on the most. If you shop too much, then you have to hold back a bit. If you're eating expensive food all the time, then you have to opt for a cheaper alternative. 

Taking my own experience as an example, I didn't have any issue with my spending. I saved as much as I could and only shop when I really couldn't resist. Food-wise, I basically ate anything I want. Lol. Because my parents always said that we (me and my brother) shouldn't skimp on food. So yeah... and since I didn't shop much, I could really indulge when I wanted to. I didn't go to fine dining or anything high like that all the time but I would go on a daily basis to all those cafes and restaurants that are said to be a bit pricey. 

My tips is to write down all your spending for the first month, and then calculate how much you would need averagely for each month. Don't be surprised if you spend A LOT on the first month, or second. IT'S NORMAL. 


When you are somewhere new, you need to be open-minded but still be cautious. Open-minded as in make friends with everyone, no matter where they're from. and be cautious with the group of people you choose to be closed with. As you get to know people longer, you will see their true colours. If your parents are ready to let you live by yourself, I'm sure they see you as a grown up person and as one adult, you should know which one is right and wrong. 


It's as cliche as it sound, but yes, it's the most powerful thing you should hold on to. Only change for the good and not for the bad. Be an easy-going person and you'll be an easy favourite for everyone. Don't be such a bitch if you want to have friends, and smile to everyone. 


You would think I'm crazy or mistyped this. Nope, I don't. By now, you might be confused of what I meant by "BE YOURSELF" then "BE IGNORANT". So now I'm going to explain this last one. I learned that being ignorant is a very good thing sometimes. It, automatically, pulls you out of any drama that might occur (Yes, there are dramas in university.) Thus, not knowing things or just being silence is the key. You might know many things but some things are better left untold or just to be kept to yourself.


Yes, you gotta have fun. Despite all the assignments, enjoy your time as much as you can. Go for a road trip, be a traveller. Try new things and eat good food while you can. Your university life wouldn't last that long. You would think that 2 or 3 years is such a long time. By the end of it, you may or may not have yet to try the things you wanted to try. Time is ticking very fast, my friend. Just don't forget to always beware and stay safe. 

That's all my tips for studying abroad or moving to somewhere new, basically. I hope that helps you in some ways and never forget that your parents are paying you to study, so you better be, alright? ;) If you're going to study abroad, then I wish you all the best and good luck in everything you do. "You can if you believe you can". Thank you for reading and I see you in my next post! xx Julia.


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