Monday, June 20, 2016

Graduation + KL Life

On 28th May 2016, I finally graduated and well, completed my Diploma.
Always wanted a Stitch with a graduation hat!! Thanks brother, mom, and dad!
seems like my brother read mind.
 After 2 years of torture, I finally completed my Diploma.
Well, it's not really a torture, I was just exaggerating.
My college years were fun actually.
Yes, it sucks that I didn't get to do what I'm passionate about but I did get to go abroad alone and when you're alone... No one is in charge of yourself MUAHAHAHAHAHA
Anyway, I get this question a lot, like A LOT.
"What am I major in?"
And the answer is, *drum rolls*
Diploma in Mass Communication.
Yeap, don't ask me what's that. I have no idea. LOL
Google it yourself people. Mr. Google has everything you need to know.

As I said earlier, I didn't get to do what I'm passionate about.
I like baking, wait, lemme rephrase that, I LOVE BAKING.
My mom, was being a very unsupportive mom, said that doing Patisserie and all those stuff "isn't important". So, instead of going to culinary school, I ended up taking Mass Communication, majoring in Public Relations.
Nevertheless, I would like to thank my parents and brother for supporting me studying abroad and well, you know all that sayings, without them, I wouldn't be able to be there that day wearing the robe.
My take out from experience is that ALWAYS, i repeat, ALWAYS do what you're passionate about.
Follow your dream. Chase it.
It's not only that it's easier for yourself to keep up with the lessons, but also you get to enjoy the college years, and when you're learning what you love, you'll find yourself learning even more outside of class. 
Honestly, studying Mass Communication wasn't a struggle for me. I dislike it, but I had to try to enjoy it somehow. 
I'm very thankful that I had the friendliest classmates ever. I feel very welcomed and it was rather easy for me to blend in. Most people actually thought I was local hahahaha
Troublejojes came with these! Thanks guys xoxo
Fyi, I requested Febby a graduation balloon months ago LOL and there it is.

Anyway, I was asked few times "how was it living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?"
Well, honestly, it was great. 
I didn't feel like it was a major change living there.
Maybe it's because Indonesia's and Malaysia's culture are quite the same and the language is pretty similar. So if you don't speak a fluent English, mixing with a little bit of Bahasa Indonesia is the clue.

And how's the living cost? 
It's pretty much the same actually. Some things can be slightly more expensive, some things can be slightly cheaper. 

How did I travel around KL?
If I were to go to Sunway Pyramid, which is the nearest mall to Taylor's University, I would take the bus. That is only if my time matches the schedule. You know, there were times when I need to be quick so I can't wait for the bus. So what's next? Taxi. Yeap. I travel by taxi. I don't know how to take the bus nor the KTM from Subang to KL.
You must be thinking. "girl, you're spending a lot."
Well, not really. If you're travelling with a group or a couple of friends, and you split the fare, it's not THAT expensive. And now, there are Uber and GrabCar which is relatively cheaper than the normal budget taxi.
Another way of travelling around KL is to rent a car. Yes, RM100/day for a Myvi is acceptable and very convenient for you to travel around. Of course, you need to pump the fuel yourself and you still need to pay the toll as well as parking fees, but if you're going to lots of places within 24 hours, it's really worth it. 

How's the food?
If you're a sucker for spicy food, I must say that you're very likely to suffer LOL
No, I'm not kidding. I have a friend who brings ABC Chilli Sauce to everywhere. HAHAHA
If you see the brand "Heinz", it's actually not bad and pretty similar to ABC, but not as spicy.
I actually really miss the food in KL. Why? Because there are so so so many brunch places, good burgers, pastas, and DESSERTS. OH DAMNNN (I'm literally hungry right now T-T)
If you're a food lover, you must know the places to eat good food from Mr. Google. But I really prefer Foursquare when looking for places to go because it tells the customers' review as well as ratings.

Do you find yourself spending a lot?
Nope. I manage my finance real' good. 
Okay, it didn't happen during the first few months, but um, it happens to everyone okay...
So, it's fine if you're spending a lot for the first few months because self-control button isn't really switched on. heehehe

I think that's all right? Hope you find this post helpful.
I posted a post on Study Abroad Tips about a month ago. If you've missed that one, you can read it up for more information.
If you have any other questions or thoughts, just comment down here or you may ask through
Thank you for reading and I shall see you in my next post, xx Julia.


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