Monday, February 15, 2016

19 & Beyond Blessed

Another year has passed and it was a thrilling roller coaster ride. I am wishing for a better year, better me, and hoping that luck will always follow me everywhere I go and greater opportunities in everything I do. Everything wouldn't be possible without the blessing from Buddha. 

So It's my 19th birthday... Oh no... Turning 20 next year T-T (Damn it hahahaha)
As usual, birthday dinner with my groups of friends and also my Bae.

This year I'm having it at a restaurant&bar called District10. 
I celebrated it earlier (13rd February 2016) because my birthday falls on Monday and I know that most people wouldn't be able to make it.
Anyway, nothing else really matters besides having a good backdrop. Am i right or am i right?
My theme this year is white and silver. Thus, no one can wear white/black/dark colours.
I set a dress code for my guests: preferably shades of red or yellow or they can wear any bright colours.

I told them to be there by 7 pm but I only left my house at 7.30 pm.
I thought I'll be the last one to arrive and everyone's waiting for me.
No one was there when I arrived LOLOLOL
Everyone arrived around 8.30 pm to 9 pm. (Can you believe that?!?!)
Well, it's actually ain't a big surprise to know that all of my friends are late comers LOL

My biggest concern when I arrived is that the VIP room is SOOOOOOOOO freaking small.
I have around 30 guests to come and there were only 20 seats.
So, I had to rearrange the table in order to fit 30 people.
The room is actually suitable to fit 30 people but the backdrop has taken a quarter of the room.
So that's where the problem comes from.
After moving the tables around, I finally found a solution for the arrangement.
Although it's quite packed, it's better than having few people got no place to sit.

Nothing else to say except for the surprise part <3
So I was taking pictures with my classmates + Egi, after we were done with it, she asked me to go to the toilet. 
I didn't really thought of anything because I wanted to go to the toilet as well.
Thus, when I came back from the toilet, all of my friends sang the Happy Birthday song.
At that moment, I didn't look for my boyfriend at all and didn't see where he is.
I was, indeed, surprised and straightaway walked onto the cake, make my wish, and blew it off. 
Then everyone screamed and I saw my boyfriend standing nearby, holding a big black paper bag.
Yes, a CHANEL paper bag. 
I can't really describe how I felt in that moment - happy, surprised, and sad all mixed.
Okay I was stoned. I think that's the word for it.
So everyone asked me to open the present and I did.
From the deepest of my heart, I truly didn't expect this freaking expensive gift from a boyfriend.
Who would have thought of that?!?!
I'm BEYOND HAPPY because it's one of my bag's wishlist (and I believe it's every girls' dream bag as well) 
I'm SURPRISED because I didn't expect this fancy bag from a boyfriend!!
I'm SAD because it's soooooooo freakingggggggg pricey :( I'm sad for my bae :(

My face when I say "Babe... whyyy..."

After the surprise and all, it was photo-taking time. hahahaha
I LOVE MY BACKDROP!!! it's purrrrrfect. It's just like what I imagined it to be like.
Thanks to Unicoplanner. You can check them on Instagram.
After the photo session ends, someone raised an idea to go to the club....
And surprisingly, most of the Cupcupgirls were able to make it, except for Vero and Fio.
Such an impromptu plan but a perfect timing for all of us. Fyi, this is our the very first time all going together. lol

Truth to be told, the club was boring as hell. They were kinda celebrating valentine's day so most of the music were sang by the dancers... I think there wasn't any DJ for that night...
But most of us were having fun, so yeah...
For me, it was boring as hell cause I didn't drink (at all) and the music sucks. However, I tried to enjoy and have fun with my girls because it's like once in a lifetime thing..
Okay, I'm exaggerating but this is indeed a very rare occasion lol

(More presents...)
From Janice.
From JJS and Janica.
From Ata and Egi.
From Ton-Cel, Otto-Jejes, Kepin-Leo.
From Mom. HAHAHA This is so cuteee ;3

I spent my Valentine's day having dinner with my boyfriend and his whole family.

We reached his house before midnight.
I saw the "HBD 19 JJ" and lots of balloons outside his house and it was quite surprising actually.
I wasn't that surprised but I am happy. Isn't that what really matter?
I love balloons. I prefer balloons rather than flowers. (Does it have anything with my childhood? :'D)
I was kinda amazed by all the balloons (yes, amazed. don't judge!) and didn't realize that my boyfriend went somewhere.
A minute later he showed up with a cake. A UNION PB&J CAKE (WTFFFFF!!!)
If you read about my trip to Jakarta last year, you would know that I wrote I want a Union PB&J cake as my birthday cake and honestly, I also did mention about it to my boyfriend HAHAHA

How would I know if it's possible to get it shipped or flown all the way from Jakarta to Medan?!?!
 *That balloon though... Lovestruck*
God damn it. My boyfriend is such an AWESOME man :')
You are the best-est man I could ever ask for. I strongly believe that no one could ever replace you.
You are a true blessing in my life and I hope it stays the same for the rest of my life.
Every pain is worth it if I still have you. You are my source of happiness and sometimes, my motivation be stay alive (Sounding like a desperate woman am i?)
I might be an annoying-as-fuck girlfriend sometimes, or most of the times HAHA
I know i am a cranky person lately,
but please know that you don't have to doubt my love for you. God knows it.
I know that you would be a great husband in the future if you still stay the way you are today.
Remember what your mom said last night? We must always love and care for each other after marriage (IF we are LOL) until forever; just like when we were dating.
I hope you are reading this though or else there's no point of me writing this all out hahahaha
Alright then. I think that's all I have to say.
They say make a wish before letting it fly away...

I don't know how to reply one by one but please know that I read all of them.

20th February 2016
A very close friend of mine from Taylor's planned a birthday dinner for me. No one has ever done that to me and honestly, having someone else throwing a birthday party to me is one of my wishes since a long time ago. Although I did kinda know about it, but it's still the nicest thing someone could have done for me. So, the dinner was at Hemisphere Restaurant & Bar.
I ordered their Salmon Fillet. Quite good but wouldn't order it again.
It's a pretty nice place with the gorgeous view of KL. I wouldn't say much for the food but the lava cake is very good. It's a bit sweet for my taste, but it's really lava-y and chocolate-y. Anyway, I would like to thank Vetriana for the planning and all.
Although I've only known her for several months, I swear she's the sweetest and nicest friend I could ever have. Not to forget, I really appreciate those who came and celebrated my 19th birthday with me.
 Thanks V, Alvy, Carey, James, Marul, Jir, and Joe! I love you guys so so much!<3

What's a Birthday without a cake and blowing, at least, a candle? ;)
I feel like this post is gonna be a bit emotional because I just don't know how to not be it... hahahaha (I'm trying to cheer myself here). I wouldn't be able to see them anymore after I graduated and leave KL for good. Of course, I will come to KL occasionally, but it's still a sad thing to be apart from them. I feel like I haven't got the chance to know them well enough and now I have less than a month to spend with these people. ohmygoddddd time flies too fast... please slow down :(:(

(Presents from them) 
I also received this lovely handwritten birthday wishes from a group of people and it literally made me tear when I read it. (No close up and one-by-one shot of it cause I feel like it's kinda personal :3)
I'm not sad because of the wishes, but I'm sad because I was thinking that I'm not gonna see them anymore soon. Plus, the thought of them writing it all down for me makes me feel very loved and cared for and I don't know... I don't know how to describe how I feel hahahaha. I'm just very thankful that I'm surrouded by such an amazing people and I have no regrets at all coming to KL and studying at Taylor's (although I do dislike the course. lol) 

Thanks again for reading this and I LOVE YOU ALL!! xx Julia


  1. I hope you had a great time. Last year, on my sister’s 16th birthday we hosted a surprise party for her and booked one of best event venues for her special day. It was truly a marvelous day and equally memorable!

  2. It looks like you had a fantastic time. For my 19th my parents hired a private chef from a catering company in Shepherd's Bush and it was lush as they had told him all my favourite foods. They sourced ingredients locally which made me happy as I believe in supporting local. I wonder what you will do for your 21st!

    Teri Harris @ Caiger And Co Catering

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