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Bangkok Food Review-Guide #1

So I know supposedly this must be up before the 2016 post, but then I was very busy (lazy. to be exact) to write it out... Since that happened, I don't really remember much of the trip anymore (Sorry guys:( ) Thus, I decided that this post is gonna be a little bit different. I will focus more on "Food Review" kinda thing and provide you with the link to the websites and also the addresses and whatnot. I will also tell bits of stories here and there, so just follow the flow okay? and this post is great for those who are planning to go to Bangkok and are looking for recommended places to eat. And if haven't read my past trips to Bangkok, then you should really check that out too!;)

First and foremost, let me take you to my FAVOURITE Thai Restaurant, Nara Thai Cuisine.
I have always been to the branch at Central World.
My staple order has to be their Phad Thai Kai Krob. It's a definite winner.
The texture is just nice, ugh.. I mean PERFECT. The mixture of sour, spicy, sweet, and salty is well-balanced. I would say it's a little bit too oily, but hey, it's a stir-fried dish. And who cares? It's freaking good anyway.
We also ordered the Gai Pak Panang, which is the barbecued chicken (something like satay but their version of satay). And I think they are using chicken breast and it’s actually quite dry. Maybe they over-cooked it.
The last dish we ordered is their stir-fried roasted duck with crispy hot basil called Ped Yang Kraprao Krob. Let me tell you this. My boyfriend dislikes duck because of the smell, but guess what? He lovesssss this dish. I love duck dishes, and this one has easily becoming one of my faves.

(Central World Branch)
7 Floor, CentralWorld Bangkok
Tel: +66 (0)2 613 1658-9
Mobile: +666 157 41052

So on the first day itself, my camera was spoiled. The body couldn’t detect the lens. I received a lot of questions of how it happened. Well, I was asking my boyfriend to take some pictures of me. So there was one time when I wanted to see the pictures and I took the camera from my boyfriend. Apparently, the strap was still wrapped around his wrist and when I was holding the camera, he pulled his hand away. The strap just slipped from his wrist and the camera was pulled from my hand and it dropped to the floor… Honestly, the scene of my camera dropping is still on my head and I remember seeing it drop in slo-mo LOL is that possible? Like seriously that moment just suddenly slowed down… Anyway, so after that incidence, we quickly walked over to Sony Service Center but by the time we reached the store, it was already closed. So we went back the next morning and they said that it must be sent to the main center and it’ll take 1-2 weeks. It’s impossible for me to get it fix there so I sent my camera to the service center in KL after the trip. It only took around a week and they change my lens to a new one.

Yes, I was quite sad and emotional during the trip, especially for the first couple of days. First of all, is because I have planned places I wanna go for this trip and I was planning to go to Chocolate Ville. And my one and only purpose to go there is to take pictures. Since this incidence happened, I decided not to go because there's no point of going anyway... Secondly, I couldn’t really get it off my mind because I feel that my camera is very special to me. I bought it on my own and I remember it took me 2 hours sitting in that shop before finalizing my thought and purchasing it. So, having myself cried over my camera isn’t a surprise after all. Okay. After that being said, let’s get back to the food stuff.

So next thing I wanted to mention is Churros from McDonald’s.
It’s definitely not something you would imagine nor expect from a McDonald’s, right?
Looking at the commercial posters, I decided to get one. Truth to be told, I was laughing my ass off when I get my “churro”. The person did ask how many do I want and I said 1. And I seriously didn’t expect this to come. OMG ;’D
 So my verdict is that it looks like those Chinese Youtiao a.k.a. fried breadstick. It taste very dough-y-like and nowhere near to a “churro”. The chocolate is quite bad either because it looks quite plastic-y and doesn’t taste like real chocolate. However, it was quite a fun thing to know and try from McDonald’s.

My always go-to dessert spot has to be After You Dessert Café.
Although it’s quite mainstream, but it’s one of the best dessert places I’ve been to in Bangkok. We actually went there twice this trip and the first time we ordered the Figgy Pudding, Chocolate Lava, and definitely one of the toasts, Shibuya Honey Toast.

We’ve never tried the Figgy Pudding before. It sounds interesting so we ordered one. It tastes like butterscotch and the cake is very light and delicate. However, I should warn you that it’s very very sweet. It’s butterscotch after all?
Next is the Chocolate Lava. It seriously looks quite sad for me and kinda fail, too. Especially the plating… Can’t comment much. What’s with the dusting of cocoa powder on one side of the plate? Thankfully, it tastes good and it’s Chocolate Lava… who doesn’t love oozing chocolate?
One last thing is the signature, Shibuya Honey Toast – Crispy on the outside, fluffy and soft on the inside. The warm, buttery and salty, yet sweet bread pairs well with the cold vanilla ice cream. You can drizzle it with more honey, but I choose not to, because the thing is sweet enough for me.
We also bought back the Applesauce Brownie because it looks good. And it does taste good. I believe they use the sweetness from the applesauce so that it doesn’t taste overly sweet. However, this brownie isn’t those kinds of fudgy, gooey and dense brownie. This is more to the cake-y side and very light indeed.
The second time we went there, we only ordered 1 thing because I was the only one who eats. I ordered Strawberry Crumble which is served with cream. For me, this is DA BOMB. I love sour food so yeah… The sweetness from the crumbs really balanced by the tartness of the strawberries and the cream just add a nice richness to the whole thing.

They have a number of branches across Bangkok. Check out their website for more locations.
Ground floor, SIAM PARAGON                                                                                                          
Tel: 02 610 7659
Sweet Hours: 10:00am - 10:30pm

If you’re going to Siam Paragon and you walk pass by the BTS Siam Station, you’ll definitely pass by Naeki Sushi. This small Japanese stall/shop sells UH-MAZING onigiri and sushi. YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT A TRY. Their food is packed in the premium way, it looks very neat and clean, and also fresh. I was kinda craving for onigiri so when I passed by it, I instantly just stop and take a look at it. We bought 1 Salmon Teriyaki Onigiri and Mentai Cheese sauce, too. The Onigiri melts in your mouth and I believe that they use authentic sushi rice to make it. The salmon teriyaki is good and well-seasoned and the SAUCE!! YAS THE SAUCE. It’s FREAKING GOOD. If you like mentai sauce and cheese sauce, this is the hybrid – the next level of sushi sauce.
Few days later, we went back to this place and tried out their sushi. It’s clearly is as good and delish as the onigiri. This place is a proof that good Japanese food doesn’t have to be from a famous Japanese restaurant. At this place, I am assured that they provide good food with high quality and freshness. You’re missing things out if you don’t give it a try.

BTS Siam Station
Tel: 02 658 4001
Opening Hours: 7:30 am - 10.30 pm 

I guess this post is long enough lol. I'm not going to continue any further as it might just bore you to death. Thus, I shall continue my food review story on the next post. See ya there! xx Julia 


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