Monday, January 4, 2016

Annie's Way Mask [Review]

Masking is a new routine for me. I've never thought of buying myself facial masks... well, because I just didn't think of it or even want it. 
The first time I try those sheet masks was when I received an endorsement for it. I tried and I instantly fall in love with it. Even so, I've never really bought one by myself.

Recently, I received masks package from Annie's Way. It’s a brand from Taiwan and is now coming in to Indonesia. They have a series of masks for different types of skin and needs. You’ll definitely find one that suits you best.
I was told to try out their products and write a review for it. And here it goes...
(Please take note that everything you'll about to read is genuinely based on my own opinion)

Before they sent me the stuff, the person asked what my skin type is. So my skin type is dry and sensitive.
This is the first thing I tried "France Rose Moisturizing Mask".
How to apply it:
-         Cleanse your face before applying.
-         Put on mask comfortably on your face and peel off the white tough layer.
-         Wait for 15 minutes.
-         Remove mask and wash off with clean water. Apply your moisturizer or any other face products as usual.
First thing first, it smells DAMN GOOD. The moment I put it on my face, I surely know that this mask is a killer! It's really soothing and it does do a really great job in moisturizing. I applied it before I put my make-up on because there are days, within a month, whereby my skin is so not cooperating (it'll go flaky and looking gross. I hate flaky skin...) So anyway, after I applied the mask and rinsed it off (as written on the packaging), when I put on my make-up, my skin is definitely behaving and thus no flaky skin (YAY!).

Next one is the "Pearl Whitening Mask"
What's the first thing I noticed? Yes, THE SMELL. INCREDIBLE, let me tell you. 
I could literally live in this mask forever!! 
Truth to be told, as this is for whitening, I haven't really see the difference, most probably because I don't apply it as regularly as I should. 
But if the moisturizing mask works, this one should, too, right?

Last but not least is the “Honey Deep Moisturizing Jelly Mask”.
How to apply it:
-         Apply jelly mask as thick as 0.3cm onto a clean face.
-         Wait for 30 minutes.
-         Remove mask with the given spatula and wipe off excess with damp towel.
-         Wash off with clean water and apply your moisturizer or any other face products as usual.
-         Best applied 2x a week.
This thing has taken moisturizing to the next level. My skin feels extremely moistened afterwards. And again, it has a very light, sweet smell which I LOVE. It reminds me of the jelly I used to eat when I was a kid. However, I’m not a big fan of jelly mask, because I find it a bit troublesome. I prefer the sheet mask since it’s very practical and easy to put on. Regardless of that, this product gets 2 thumbs up from me.

One thing for sure, I always re-wash my face with my usual face soap after applying mask because I just feel cleaner that way. Not sure if it's a good or bad thing to do so.

My overall opinion on Annie's Way's products is to never doubt them in terms of smell and effectiveness. I know there are probably thousands of other brands, but for now, this brand suits me pretty well for my type of skin. So if you're interested in trying new face care product, please give this a try and let me know how does it do for you. You can see all their products on or visit their Instagram at @annieswayindonesia.

That's all for Annie's Way's products review and I hope you enjoy reading it! xx Julia.


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