Wednesday, December 23, 2015

DITS Malaysia

I know it has been months since the happening, but I feel like I have to share this experience with all of you. 
So, months ago, September 9th to be exact, I got the chance to experience Dinner in the Sky. I found out about it a month before (August) from the ads on Youtube and I was attracted to it right away. I googled and checked on the website. It was expensiveeeeeeeeeee but I would go for it anyway. Simply because it's a one-time experience. Dining open-space at 45-50 meters above ground... Who doesn't want that?!

However, I was quite disappointed when I found out that all the seats were sold out. But they said that they might have it again so all we need to do is to leave our email. So, with high hope, I leave my email. Few days or a week later, I received an email that they will be back next month due to high demand. Within that second, I called my boyfriend and asked him to come for it.

One thing that I had in mind was what happened if it rains? Can you imagine how sad I would be? And another thing was that, from August to September, it was hazy months. So considering that this is outdoor and up in the sky event, what’s worse than eating in a hazy condition?
Long story short, on the 9th of September, the haze wasn’t so bad. It didn’t rain either. Lucky me? Hahaha
The 4-course dinner started with cold tomato and watermelon soup (if I’m not mistaken). And honestly, I hate it. I absolutely hate it. Not a big fan of soup and a cold soup doesn’t change that either.
The next one is beetroot salad with feta cheese (I guess…). I’m so bad at describing food lol. This one is just nice. I like it :9 The sweetness of the beetroot is cut by the saltiness from the cheese.
And then it went on with the main course. I had the chicken one and my boyfriend had the beef steak one.
The chicken is tasteless (it needs a serious seasoning!!) and rather cold (cold chicken? Omg…) However, the steak is quite good though.
Last is the dessert, which in fact is the best of all. I’m not saying this because I’m a dessert freak, but it’s the truth. The dessert is chocolate caramel tart. It’s a bit too sweet, but who cares? :p
BUT! I didn’t get to eat all of it :( because it was about time to go down. How sad is that? Best one, but the left one.

So that concludes all the 4-course dinner and probably the one question that pops to your mind is “Does it worth the price?”. For me, it does. But will I ever go for another round? The answer is No. 
This kind of thing worth trying, but I will not go for another one unless:
1. If it’s at somewhere with a very stunning view and, 
2. If I heard that they have changed their food quality. 
Because what I had experienced is bad food quality but great service and environment. So practically we paid for its view, service, and environment; although the view was only the twin tower… Plus, we seem pretty low when compared to the twin tower. Lol. I do wish that we could go higher :p Like seriously, it wasn’t high enough for me ;’D
So if you had never experienced this kind of thing before, thus I really recommend you to try at least once in a lifetime, so that you’ll know how does like to eat 50 meters above ground.
Unfortunately, they move from place to place and I don’t know when they’ll be back to Malaysia. So in order to know where they’re heading to next, you can simply check it on their website

So that’s all for now, I hope you enjoy reading this post and I’ll see you in my next one! (More posts coming soon!) xx Julia.


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