Wednesday, December 9, 2015

DIY Rose

Early 2015, I posted a handmade rose picture on my Instagram and ever since, I receive a lot of requests for the tutorial. First of all, I apologize if I took this long to post this up. Secondly, on the bright side, now it's up ;D
So as Mother's day (22 Dec) is coming, follows by Christmas, and Valentine's day on Feb, this handcrafted rose is perfect as a gift or a little something for your special ones.

Let's begin shall we?

Things you'll need:

1. Cut your paper as follow. Notice that the size of A and B is different. One is slightly wider than the other. 

2. Fold the smaller paper vertically 4 times and the bigger paper 3 times or as shown.

3. Draw the rose petal as follow and cut it out. Cut a straight line on 1/4 of the bottom part as well.

4. Using a stick, curl the bigger petals with the bottom part inwards and the upper part outwards. 

5. Stick double tape onto the bottom part of petals.

6. Starting with the smaller petals, roll one petal onto the stick. Keep rolling until the desired layer. For me, anywhere between 4-6 rolls are enough. Well, it depends on how big you want your rose to be.

7. Next is to roll on the bigger petals. The more petals you roll on, the bigger the rose will be. But remember not to over-do it because it might not stay as one in the end. Trust me, been there, done that. 

8. Last step is to cover the stick with the green ribbon. Use double tape to secure the ribbon.

Make it as many as you want. You can also change the colour the paper or type of paper if you want. But i suggest it to be as elastic and lightweight as origami is. So it's easier for you to work with and minimize the chance of it becoming too heavy or torn.
If you're making a bunch of it, you can make a bouquet or probably put it into a vase or jars would do. What i did before is, I bought the stuffing for pillows and a very thin cloth from Daiso. Then, I stick the roses into a ball of the stuffing and wrapped it all up with the thin cloth and also tied it all up with a rubber band and ribbon. Anyway, the bouquet is given to my mom as a valentine's gift <3 Fyi, it took me hours or probably half day to make it... But it is worth the time ;)

If you make one and it is on Instagram, be sure to tag me! I would love to see it :D As for now, thank you for reading and enjoy recreating it! xx Julia.


  1. hey,i do enjoy your blog and i am one of your silent reader. just keep blogging! thanks for inspiring us. this is sooooo useful and creative idea. ps: i love your smile girl ;) love from taiwan xoxo

    1. Hello there! Thank you so much for reading my blog. Glad to hear that :) <3 xx, Julia


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