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Jakarta Food Galore

I went to Jakarta with Claudia from the 20th of July until the 27th of July.
Well, there wasn't much to talk about the Jakarta trip.
All that I did was eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, play darts, sleep, and repeat.
Yes. I ate for 4-5 times a day which is insane!
But I don't regret it though, since almost everything I had is deliciosoooo.
So this post will be filled with 90% food photos and 10% human beings photos.

20th July 2015 

Dinner at Nanny's Pavillon (Alam Sutera)
The waffle isn't crispy ... I hate soft waffles.

21st July 2015

(Take note that we always had a proper meal cooked by Claudia's mom everyday before we headed out hehe)
Lunch - Cake time at Union
The red velvet cake and pie are good, the nastar cake is a bit bland.
If I had to choose, I would go for the cake rather than the pie.

Ice cream time!!
BC's Cone, PIK
Pretty looking ice creams?
I had a high expectation towards the ice creams, but it turns out disappointing :(
North Pole Café, PIK
2nd ice cream session lol
Electric Lemon Creamy Pot
Why is it called "electric"?
Do you remember the "pop" thingy that you ate with lollipop or just as it is?
the one that will "pop" in your mouth?
Yeap. they serve the ice cream with it!
and the tanginess is just puuuurrrffect. Me likeyyyy :9

Dinner ... ?
Martabak Pecenongan 65A
It's wayyyyy too sweet for my liking. I would prefer the one I always eat in Medan.
and it's very oily too... though we had told them to lessen the butter by half.

22nd July 2015

Dessert after lunch (-cooked by Claudia's mom)
I think I can find a better green tea soft serve...

Next stop: WooYoo, PIK
Trying out the Schneeballen they have.
(Try google it up if you don't know what it is. I forgot to take a picture of it)
It's not as good as the one I had in KL ... I can taste the flour ...

Nasi Goreng Gila, Menteng
I don't get the name ... there's nothing crazy about it.
It's fried rice with sausages and fish balls, and eggs.
If you like sausages and fish balls, you might like it, but I don't.
So for me, it's just a very normal fried rice.

23rd July 2015

Trying out the HYPEs

Croissant Taiyaki
The croissant is crunchy and sweet pairs wells with the rum filling.
It's a bit too sweet but still edible.
However, price wise... It's pretty expensive for this cream-filled pastry.

Sour Sally
Black Sakura with Pistachio Sauce and Kiwi
A short story:
No one was queuing that time. So we did take our time to think about which size should we buy.
By the time we wanted to pay, I was like "Hey, it looks so simple... it's not Instagram-worth post. Let's add something". Claudia was like "Yayaya, whatever. People are queuing. Faster made up your mind"... AND it took quite long for me to decide.
The next thing I know is that there was quite a number of people queuing and waiting for me to decide. hehehehehe

It literally disappoints me as the yoghurt is too milky for a "yoghurt".
It doesn't have that tanginess that you would imagine yoghurt to have.
HOWEVER, the Chocolate Sauce is great, the chocolate granola is heaven, and I think there's something like cookie crumbs... and it was amazing too!
BUT, seriously... if you compare it to the one in Singapore, you will notice that the fruit and whatnots are a lot more than the one they give in Jakarta, especially mine...
can you see the fruits and stuff?
The yoghurt is like 3/4 of the cup, shouldn't it be half and half?
I was really hoping to get the Instagram-worthy llaollao, but turned out to be getting the "memory card photos".

So my dad brought us to Pondok Ikan Bakar Kalimantan which is at Bogor.
I know, it is very far... but if you have the time, google it, waze it and go. Don't think. Just go.
You wouldn't regret it. You will if you don't go. 
The fish cooked in the bamboo is too die for. The flesh is so tender and the sauce... I can't describe how it taste like. It's just phenomenal... and i'm not exaggerating okay?
After dinner, we went to watch Mad Max: Fury Road ;)

24th July 2015

Chocolate and vanilla :9 dayummm
Dinner at Ristorante de Valentino
Ajens's belated birthday treat!
We all agree that most of the pasta dishes are not that good ... sad but true.

25th July 2015

Publik Markette, GI
Another lunch session with my papa ;D
I hated quiche probably because I had the bad ones previously, but this...
Hands down to the best quiche ever!
and also the carrot cake pie ...
Dinner at Akira Back
(which is located one floor above Ristorante de Valentino lol)
And this time is Claudia's belated birthday treat. hahahaha
I discovered that I hate truffle oil...
Or probably they put too much and honestly, I can't stand the smell
AB Tacos and Tuna Pizza
The highlight among all the dishes would be the AB Tacos.
It is wagyu kalbi with spicy tomato ponzu.
If you were to choose what to eat, the tacos must be your first choice.
DON'T walk out of Akira Back without eating the tacos.

and we also ordered these stuff

26th July 2015

It's our last night in Jakarta...

I went to church with my dad in the morning.
We walked pass by a stall selling siomay bandung and I instantly wanted to have it.
To be honest, although I LOVEEE peanut sauce, this one is just pretty sad.
The only thing that made it good is because I put a lot of chili sauce.
So it was more like siomay bandung with chili sauce rather than peanut sauce hahaha

Tea time?
We went back to UNION because... we or mostly like is me... wanted to. hehehe
And I found my most favourite cake of all time!!
The PB&J cake is DA BOMB!
It was love at first bite!!
I really really really wish that it would be my birthday cake next year.
(help me tell and remind my boyfriend will ya? ;P)
Because we were still extremely full from the cakes this afternoon,
(which we couldn't eat the whole thing)
we bought something light to eat.
Kue Cubit Kemang
My review? It's a bit too sweet for my liking and I've eaten a better one.

27th July 2015

Our breakfast (last meal in Jakarta) was Bagan Kari Peng bought by Claudia's mom.
I forgot to take a shot of it but it is SOOOOO GOOODDDD.
BEST ONE I've ever had so far.

Anyway, as always, when you're on holiday, the days will surely pass very fast, too fast sometimes.
Nonetheless, I've had an amazing time (and food) for the passed week.
I'll definitely go again soon! (I hope!!)

xx, Julia


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