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km 0 – Sabang, Indonesia

Km 0 is the starting point where Indonesia is measured.
It's located in Sabang, Weh Island - the northernmost and westernmost point of Indonesia. 
The monument is currently under renovation and the standing words are actually renewed either.
That's my brother right there!
The sunset at km0.
Sadly it was drizzling before the sunset and it was very cloudy :(
Thus, the sun was kinda blocked
I went to Banda Aceh on the 5th of July. It was a night flight and it delayed for one hour plus.
The initial plan was to go Sabang straight away but within that few days, Garuda Indonesia flights were all off.
We arrived at Aceh almost midnight, and we went out for supper after we checked-in into our hotel.
Lamb Fried Rice
Beef Fried (Instant) Noodle
The next morning, 6th of July, we took the ferry to get to Sabang. 
It's the only way to get there from Aceh.

We stayed in a bungalow located just behind the dive centre (Iboih Dive Centre) at Iboih beach.
The first impression was bad, there were ants everywhere and A LOT (I HATE ANTS!)
Plus, the first night was bad ... I remember waking up in the middle of the night and there were few ants on the side of my pillow....
The next day, I immediately bought an insecticide and sprayed almost everywhere lol
The following days were much much better. The ants didn't come back anymore.
Anyway, I don't know how's other place looks like, but i can say that the place i stayed is pretty clean.
When i say it's pretty clean, then it should be fine for everyone else :p
Just a random fact, I have a little mysophobia (germophobia), which is a pathological fear of contamination and germs. I think I'm getting better as I feel like I'm not "that" freak anymore (used to be very very bad).
The main and only reason we went to Sabang is to dive.
Some of us are new to this so we have to take the course while some, like my brother and his two other friends, they've learned it before and they already have the license to dive.
So anyway, on the very first day we arrived in Sabang, we immediately got the chance to dive.
Normally, people must watch several videos about the learning process beforehand.
So that they would kind of know how's the learning gonna be like.

Based on my very first experience (and I've never went for a snorkel before!!),
it was quite tough to breathe through your mouth.
You will constantly want to breathe through your nose like you would normally do.
And the oxygen tank is very heavy ... for me.
As you go deeper, your ears will be pressured and it hurts.
It hurts my head, too.
Okay, I'm making it sounds like very difficult and scary. But it's not, though.
Once you can get used to the breathing part, everything else will be much easier.
There will be several tests for your own precautions and safety. 
Honestly, I quit mid-way. I haven't got my license yet.
I couldn't control my breathing.
I quit during the "water get into your mask" test and it was the 2nd dive.
I gave myself another shot. 
And I finally give up on the 3rd dive.

The last 2 days before the day we were going back, I went for snorkeling.
It was kinda of scary at first because the water kept getting inside my tube.
But i am not that worried because my brother is there.
I know he would be there if I need any help. hehehehe

To be honest, I feel disappointed for not passing the course.
I will definitely give it another try next time.
Which hopefully on this coming November!

Other than the diving part, the food in Sabang is pretty good.
There is a lot of western food to be enjoyed.
Although we went during the fasting period, which means most of the restaurants are closed,
all of them will be opened at night.
Chicken Curry (This one is the best among all other restaurants!
but I can't recall the name hehehehe)
Vege Fried Rice
Fish Sambal
Roti Canai nearby the bungalow (next to the dive shop)
Paratha with Guacamole
Gado-gado with rice
The must-eat place in Sabang would be an Italian restaurant called BIXIO.
They serve fresh homemade gnocchi and fettucini, and many other dishes, too.
I LOVEEE THE BRUSCHETTA!! The toasted bread pairs perfectly with the cold tomato chutney.
Tuna "steak"
I think this is Spaghetti Bolognese.
There are several flavours to choose from; blue cheese, pesto, onion, bolognese (not in the picture), tuna, and seafood.
Our most favourite one would be the tuna. but it is not served with fresh-made pasta.
The tiramisu is one of the best, too.
And the very main highlight among all the dishes is the lasagna.
It must be ordered in advance.
And trust me, don't think of the price.
It worths every single bite.
It's the best lasagna i've ever eaten in my whole life. 
The pasta has the perfect thickness and doneness. 
The sauce is well-seasoned and -balanced combining with the cheese.
Everything is just perfect.
I would definitely go back just to eat that. 
Once you try it, you will not like any other lasagna anymore. 
Roasted chicken with roasted potatoes. Those potatoes are finger lickin' good!
For a picture-perfect spot, head over to Yulia's Resort.
It's the last resort at Iboih Beach.
It's gonna take roughly around 15 minutes of walking (up and down the stairs and uneven path!)
But it's gonna worth the walk. 
The place is just beautiful.
The flight going back to Medan was delayed for almost 2 hours.
So our van driver brought us to Sumur Tiga Beach.
It was extremely sunny and hot (obviously ...)
Thankfully there is an opened restaurant that we could hide in.
They have the policy of selling the food for foreigners only,
but we kinda beg for it so they cooked for us. lol
When someone saw the ice creams, everybody was like "OMG, I WANT ONE!"
Vege Omelette
Anyway, the overall experience going to Sabang isn't bad at all.
In fact, i kinda miss it.
I didn't have to think or worry about anything too much.
Just had a very relaxing week.
Plus, I went with my 2 beloved ones.
What's more to ask?
If you're going to Sabang, make sure you are going with the right (and FUN!) people.
Or else, you'll get bored.

If you want a diving package,
which includes the course, accommodation, and airport transfer,
Then check out @SALTREEFDIVERS on Instagram.
Or you can contact them thru LINE: joanjoman | liuslaw | ran_abo
See you guys! (If we go at the same time :p)

xoxo, Julia

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