Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dear Roni

This post is dedicated to my Birthday Boy who's turning 23rd today.
So Happy Birthday My Babykia <3
You know that I love you wholeheartedly.
So what's more to say about that? 

I hope you're reading this ...
So here's my one and only wish.
I wish that you'll be a successful man and make your parents, and I, proud.
You learn as you grow. So don't stop learning.

And as the other passed years,
Thank you for (almost!) always be there for me.
Thank you for all the things you did.
Sorry for being mad at you at most of the times :p
You're pretty annoying sometimes hehehe

It has never been easy being with me (I know)
Lots of terrible things did happen and might happen in the future.
But hey,
let's prove it to everyone that we could make it through!
Hard times will pass as the time goes by.
#janjibrownies? ;D

It will not be the great day due to some problems.
But I'll try to keep you entertained and happy (for the day) :p
Anyway, I hope you had a great time on your earlier birthday present trip. 
I would love to travel more with you in the future ;)

Coming to an end of the birthday greetings from me,
I'll begin the story of your birthday trip.

20th June 2015 - I emailed him a video wishing him a happy birthday in advance and telling him that I would email his birthday present soon.

21st June 2015 - I emailed him his birthday present which is the flight ticket to KL.

27th June 2015 - He came to KL.

28th June 2015

We head to the airport in the morning and by then, he still didn't know where we are going.
Well, it's not a private jet, thus, when we reached the waiting room, he later found out the first destination, Kalibo, Philippine.

It was a 3.5-hour flight and when we reached Kalibo airport, we were stunned by how small the airport is. Outside the airport, there were a lot of taxis, vans, and buses that would bring you to the Caticlan jetty port. We didn't want to take the bus or van as we would need to wait for other passengers. So we met another couple who's going to the same destination as ours and we shared a taxi. It was another 1 and a half hour journey. After we reached the jetty port, we need to ride a boat, approximately 15 mins, to get to the last stop, Boracay.
There was a light drizzle when we reached Boracay and it was around 5 pm. From the jetty port of Boracay, we rode a tricycle to get to the hotel. We stayed at Station One, nearby D'mall, which is just right behind the White Beach. At night, we took the tricycle and headed to Panama. It's a famous authentic Philippino cuisine restaurant. We, later, found that Filipinos love pork and ube (yam). Everything we ordered is scrumptious and I would love to go back just to eat these.
I couldn't find the name of the dish, but it's A MUST if you're there. SO DAMN GOOD!
Three Way Adobo ni Lola
It's like yam flavoured glutinous rice. It's bland on its own
but it pairs well with the coconut flakes, coconut sugar and palm sugar syrup (i think).
After a very filling meal, we thought that it is already late and we would need to go back.
Surprisingly, it was only around 8.30 pm. We decided to walk along the shops by the beach. We found and tried coconut milkshake and nachos as we walked. It was definitely a very long walk and we felt like there is no end to it thus we finally stopped at one point and walked into D'mall. We headed back to the hotel when it was already quite late. Nonetheless, it has also been a very long and tiring day for us.

29th June 2015

We woke up around 9.30 am to try the breakfast from the hotel. There were quite a number of choices and the food is pretty good. The bread and pastries are sad though, except for the Ensaymada (a.k.a. cheese bread). It's the only thing that I could eat entirely and have the feeling of getting more of it. After breakfast, we showered and get ready to head out.
Ensaymada is the one besides the butter
We went out at 1 pm and we walked to the beach. We went to the MyBoracayGuide office to book the activities for the day and tomorrow. And so for today, we had Parasailing and also Paraw sailing during the sunset. We were brought to the "back" beach to have the Parasailing, because the wind at the White Beach is too strong (Monsoon season starts on July).
Before Parasailing
It's pretty obvious that his face shows that I forced him to accompany me LOL
Well, it is my idea afterall...
We went over to Jonah's Fruitshake after Parasailing. It is a very famous place for their shakes. The most bestseller one is Banana Choco Peanut Shake. I love Banana, Chocolate, and Peanut. So what could be wrong? and yes, it is the best shake I've ever had in my life. Honestly, I gulped as I wrote this and remembering how it tastes like.  
Mango Milk Shake & Banana Choco Peanut Shake
After a while, we were picked up by the people from MyBoracayGuide and he brought us to the Paraw Sailing point, which is at the other end of the beach. Just for your information, those people from MyBoracayGuide are incredibly friendly and helpful. I just wanted to thank them (again) for their absolutely awesome services. They deserve to be credited.
I wasn't allowed to have my camera with me while Paraw Sailing, for safety purpose of course. But because I am very sure that I could hold on to my camera and keep it safe, I insisted on taking the camera with me. It wasn't easy as the water kept splashing towards us, but I did manage to keep my camera safe.
Anyway, we were supposed to watch the sunset, but because it was pretty cloudy, the clouds blocked the sun. It's sad, i know :(
Paraw Sailing
Do u spotted the rainbow? 
The view was amazing. It was my first time going to an island and also to a "proper" beach, and I had a lovestruck. A piece of my seriously dying to be able to watch that kind of scenery every single day. It was beyond perfection.
Dark chocolate and macadamia cookie from Starbucks because we needed to go to the toilet
and I knew that Starbucks would have one of the cleanest toilets. 
We had our dinner at Army Navy. It's a cafe selling mexican food and plus, i was craving for tacos.
The burger is tasty. The steak tacos are delicioso. The sauces and everything created a perfect combination.
After dinner, we walked and walked around the beach. We found this bread shop that looks like it is selling local breads or delicacies. So we tried one called ube bar. It's something like yam cake covered in coconut flakes and it is weirdly good.
Although i was full as hell, I couldn't resist on trying the waffle cone ice cream from McDonalds as well as the banana crunch mcflurry. Well, if you know me, you must have already known that I loveeeeee Mcflurry. 
The usual soft serve drizzled with caramel. The waffle cone isn't bad but it's not good either.
Even so, it was worth the try.

30th June 2015

We decided to skip today's breakfast from the hotel because we wanted to try something else.
On our way to the lunch place, we passed by Real Coffee & Tea Cafe. It is a well-known place for their calamansi muffin. We bought that and also a peanut brownie or smth like that. Oh, don't be fooled by their simple looking bakes. Those are extremely perfect. Sadly, I didn't take any picture because I was too eager to eat and I couldn't stop, so I totally forgot about it. 
If you are somewhere nearby Cozina, I beg you to try their Filipino breakfast.
Again, it's not as simple as it looks. Those scrambled eggs, pork, and the garlic rice are a match made in heaven. The Chori Panini/sandwich is extremely salty, thus, we couldn't finish it. The Mati Chocolate Sin is too sweet for my liking although there are lots of good reviews about it. But please do come for their Filipino breakfast.
Filipino breakfast
Chori Panini
Mati Chocolate Sin
After lunch, we walked by the beach. Around 3pm, we were brought by the guide from MyBoracayGuide to the back beach again to ride the jet ski. We were teached on how to ride the jet ski and then we are allowed to ride on our own. He made a few turns and I had mine too. By the time I wanted to give him another turn, the time was up. Wish we could extend more time because it was really fun.
 After jet ski, we head over to Jonah's again because well, you know, it's extremely good. 
We walked by the beach again, took some pictures, and just live by the moment.
my bebihhh ;p
My most favourite picture from this trip
Around 7.30 pm, we went to I Love Backyard BBQ to have our dinner. We made a reservation a day before to make sure we get a seat at that particular time, plus the employees also insist visitors on making the reservation.
The famous Babyback ribs and there's no wonder why it's so famous.
The meat is so tender and juicy and also well-flavoured.
The traditional dessert called Halo Halo.
That purple ice cream is yam flavoured
After the meal, I instantly felt sick. It was definitely because of the ribs or Halo Halo. There must be something wrong with either food. I felt like vomiting but all that came out is air. My stomach didn't feel right either. As hard as I tried to ignore the weirdness happening in me, I just couldn't get away with it. I didn't want to ruin the last night of the trip but I had no choice. I had to get back to the hotel and rest. So we did. So that sums up the last night in Boracay - I was sick.

1st July 2015

We woke up early today because we have a flight to catch plus it is a long journey from Boracay to Kalibo airport.
We had a quick breakfast at the hotel and rode our way to the jetty port by tricycle.
We arrived at the airport wayyyyyy earlier than we should be. There is nothing much in airport since it's a very small airport. So we just spent some time looking around buying some local snacks and souvenirs. 
Dear Roni, 
I hope you had a great time.
I wish we could travel longer.
I wish life to be easier as the time passes by.
I wish to be able to celebrate your birthday again next year and many years to come.
I wish that we could be travel-buddies for life.
Because every time i look into your eyes, I see love and hope.
You are one the few reasons that keeps me alive.
The world wouldn't be the same without you;
My life wouldn't be the same without you,
Because you know me more than anyone else.
You try to understand and accept me more than anyone else.
I'm thankful for that;
For everything you gave and did,
For being there for me,
For always loving me so sincerely.
I love you, dear.

xoxo, Julia

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