Sunday, October 18, 2015

KL Food Truck Feast #KLFTF

KL Food Truck Feast happens on the 1st and 3rd weekend of  every month. 
The festival takes place in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, nearby Dataran Merdeka, at night. 
So what to expect? Yes, food trucks. 
I think there are roughly more than 15 food trucks participating the event.
Well, isn't it a hype thing now? Food on the wheels?
Going to the KLFTF would lead you to a food coma. 
First truck, burger. Next truck, pasta. Besides it, pizza. 
So prepare your tummy guys! Starve yourself all-day! hehehe
before jumping right onto the KLFTF, lemme tell you the hours before it.

So, date: Saturday, 17th October 2015;
Morning. I worked.
Yes, it's my internship period. ... FYI, It's my last 2 week!!!!! (SUPER EXCITED!!)
Around 2.30 pm, I was picked up by my 2 #trubeljojes girls (a.k.a. Febby and Regina) plus Egi's roommate, Vera.
We headed to Bangsar and had a very late lunch at Naughty Babe Dirty Duck.
Photo session while waiting for the food? Ain't a surprise right...
Well, to be honest, the food we ordered isn't that great. Is it because they are famous for their duck or ribs? (hence, the name). Very generous portion-wise, but when it comes to the taste, we wouldn't go back for the dishes we had.

It wouldn't be a complete meal without dessert :p
Actually it was my idea. I'm the one who wanted to try it. hehehe
I kinda forced them to eat it with me (sorry guys. love you!!)
So here it is, Golden Chocolate Lava Cake from Casa Cacao.
Yes, it's the Salted egg yolk custard filling you would find in Custard Bao.
IT'S A DELISH, but would be better if it has more of the golden goodness.
The salted egg yolk, surprisingly, pairs well with the chocolate :9
Give it a try if you are around! (even when you're full :p)

After the very filling late lunch, we drove our way to KLCC. 
Well, what's more to say? Shopping, strolling and wasting our time, basically.
Around 8 something, we straight away go to the KLFTF (the event starts at 8pm).
It was a hustle trying to look for a parking at first because we didn't know where we can and can't park. Apparently, we are allowed to parked alongside the road. 

On the event site. 
Long story short, you would mostly find burgers, nachos and tacos (mexican food), pasta, sandwiches, potatoes (french fries, wedges, etc), chicken wings and shakes.
I think the only one that I stand out the most for us is the Pisang Cheese truck.
Okay, enough words. Now pictures. 
The patty is too crumbly for my liking. it's juicy though...
Chicken nachos before i dropped it because i wanted another shot.
ironically, i dropped it in front of the truck...
don't know whether they notice it or not
So we get another one with beef lol
The chips are nice but the beef sauce tastes a bit weird for me. But Febby likes it.
I didn't realize that we have to add-on the guac by request. I wish i did it.
Cheesy Baked Potato is not bad.
Meatballs... don't ask me. I hate almost all meatballs, but my girls like it. 
WE LIKE THISSSSSSS!!! It's the best food among all!
I wish there is Ceres here lol.
Oreo Gelato (RM10!! I would prefer Mcflurry guys hehehehehe) 
There were fireworks show around 11 pm, not sure why.
I'm not sure either whether they have it every FTF or not.
But i think there were some concert or show going on around but we didn't go and check it out.
We were only there for the food ;;)
But the fireworks show was pretty impressive. Haven't seen such show for a quite some time.
Well, before knowing about the KLFTF, i promised egi to bring her to the burger stall at SS21 because it is SOOO GOOD.
So since we were not very satisfied with the food from the FTF, we stuffed ourselves with one more burger and cheesy wedges from Burger-mbira SS21.
This is the Extra Spicy Deluxe.
1 spicy chicken, 1 chicken slice/ham, hash brown, cheese, green lettuce, sauce, onion, mayonnaise.
I agree, It sounds freaking sinful. 
But trust me, the spicy chicken and the hash brown are DA BOMB.
I would suggest to skip on the chicken slice and opt for an egg instead.

Anyway, it's already the end of the post. 
So I hope you enjoy reading it and see you next time!
xx, Julia.


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