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Singapore Food-Hunt #1

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this post, as titled, is about my latest trip to Singapore. 
So, I went to Singapore last month with my boyfriend and it was truly a food trip. It was a purpose trip for food-hunting. You would have noooooo idea how much we had until you’ve gone through the end of this post (which, btw, the whole trip would be too long to be in one post. So, I’ll divide it into 2 posts). AND I would surely make a recommendation to some of the places I went, so be sure to read it, too ;)
24th October 2015 – A day at the airport.
My flight was on time, but my boyfriend’s flight was delayed due to the haze. 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours… I waited for 6 hours at the airport. We supposed to be arriving at the same time, 11 am, but he arrived 6 hours later. Can you imagine how bored I was? Oh, and I forgot to bring along my power bank – GREAT.
Okay, enough rambling. Let’s think of the positive side. Thankfully, after few hours, one of my best-est friends, Nikita, came to accompany. And another good thing is the flight is not cancelled and he arrived safely.
So, after checking into the hotel and whatnot, we went out straight away. His must-have list in Singapore is the S$1 ice cream (although it’s not S$1 anymore.) and my very first must-eat thing is Llaollao. Well, it may sound lame to those who’ve had it and probably bored with it, but I’ve never had it before. Yes, I’ve had the one in Jakarta, but that sucks. So, I wanted to know how different and good it is compared to the one in Singapore. Guess what? I’m freaking addicted to it (yes, until now). I LOVE the chocolate granola or whatever they named it. And the dark sauce… YES PLEASE. I could literally bathe in it. Lol
Though it was almost dinner time (around 7 pm?) when we had our desserts, it didn’t stop us, or my boyfriend, from having a “real dinner” dinner :p I brought him to Poulet because I love Poulet and I thought that he might like it, too… and he does. The chicken is incredibly tender and moist. If you like not-so-thick creamy mushroom sauce, then you should really think of giving it a try. It’s located at Bugis+ level 4.
25th October 2015 – A lil’ bit here and there
We took a cab and went all the way to Pasir Panjang for Paddy Hills. Known for its Berry Ricotta Hotcakes, this place was on top of my list, too. As we know that we would go to another place for another food, we only ordered one thing. The Hotcake is light and fluffy and not overly sweet. The ricotta gives a very mild richness and the berries cut through the dish with its tanginess.

After Paddy Hills, we headed to Sunday Folks because it’s quite near to where we were. Sunday Folks serves one the best waffles in Singapore. Curious of how delish it is, I ordered a waffle with Earl Grey and Lavender soft serve. I don’t quite like the waffle, neither does him. But the soft serve is so refreshing. It’s not creamy but quite icy, I feel. Anyhow, I would love to go back just for the soft serve. If you were happened to be around there, try the soft serve.
After all the sweet stuff, we had some yakitori from Tori-Q – my all-time favourite snack. I would always order the chicken balls, they are DAMN GOOD. I was introduced to it years back by my brother and ever since, I would eat at least once every time I visit Singapore. We also had takoyaki from Tsukiji Gindaco. Not the best, but good enough. Talking about snacks, I also bought Strawberry & Rhubarb Crumb Cake from Plain vanilla in In Good Company (I will tell you later in this post what I think of it). It was a terribly hard decision because I feel like getting one each. Lol. Everything looks very tempting…
We had quite a late dinner simply because we ate too much since morning. Hahahaha. Our dinner was at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar. Famous for their Shiok Maki, we gave it a try and also another sushi which was recommended by the staff, plus a dish of chicken karaage, which I don’t like (but he does). The Shiok Maki is, well, delicious, but I wouldn’t say that it’s the best thing ever or even one of the best. I think the sushi is lacking the texture of crunchiness. If they add something crunchy, I would probably say it’s one of the best. In terms of flavour, it’s 4/5.


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