Monday, November 23, 2015

SG #2 List Completed

26th October 2015 - I'm so sorry tummy.
So here's the Strawberry & Rhubarb Crumb Cake from Plain vanilla. 
Despite that it's a bit dry, the flavours are just perfect. A little bit sweet and tangy. And I love the texture, too. The spongy cake, the slightly chewy strawberry and rhubarb layer, and the crunchy crumbs. oh dayummmm :9

So our plan for the day is to go to Bugis to buy churros from the newly open Churro101 츄러스.
As planned, we went to Bugis but we didn't go to the churros place straightaway. We headed to the food hall instead and found these amazing snacks.
We tried the chocolate fudge cinnamon rolls from Star Cinnamon. Verdict: It tastes very normal. But the bread is soft and it's not overly sweet. 

Next, we found this Tornado Fries from Yellow Submarine. It's french fries with cheese sauce!!!
Verdict? YOU SHOULD REALLY TRY THIS. I SWEAR IT'S SO GOOD. Forget about the calories it contains, you would want to lick it all up when the fries are gone. (no, i didn't do it) lol

And now the main star... the CHURROS. 
I bought one dipped with dark chocolate and the another one filled with cream cheese. OH SO GOOD. 

Churros lovers, please go to Singapore for this. I think I might do that one day hahahaha
Yes i know the queue is super long (not sure for now, but it was), however, If you are around there and you MUST try it. Even though you're not a churro lover, you really must try it as well. It'll change your mind ;)

As if we were not full yet, we headed to Brother BirdIt's a walking distance from Bugis, so we thought, why not? Since we were already there.
We ordered the famous Mochi Donut with Cookie Butter Softserve. I wanted to try the liusa donuts as well, but it was not available.

Okay, from the presentation itself is definitely very alluring. The softserve looks like a magical unicorn poop. LOL
But taste wise? It's extremely sweet. Even for a sweet lover like me, this is over the top. I couldn't eat very much of it. For the cookie butter softserve, I'm sorry but I don't taste anything. It's just like a normal tasteless softserve. Will I come back to try the liusa? Errrr, I doubt so.

We went back to Orchard to meet up with Peter, Nikita, and Futari. Because the sisters hadn't had their lunch, we went to Ippudo. 

For me, as I'm not a ramen fan or even soup fan, it's just right. But the gua bao or mantou or whatever the called it, it melts in your mouth. Well, actually it's the pork belly that melts in your mouth. hehehe. Although I was very full, I can still safely say that the gua bao is very recommended.  

After well stuffed, we visited Nikita and Peter's place. We chilled for a while before heading to Clarke Quay. It was an impromptu plan when Futari asked to accompany her for the GX5 Extreme Swing ride. 

The ride was... very intense when you were hung at the top, forced to look down because the thing was at 45degrees angle and you have to push the release button by yourself.... but after you push the button, you would feel very relieve. It's like distressing. Seriously, it is just like a swing but in a giant form. 
And after that ride, I was triggered to ride the other ride, GMAX Reverse Bungy. Well, Nikita and Peter convinced that this one isn't scary at all... but in my opinion, this one is way way scarier (thanks a lot guys lol). You were thrown to the air and it will bounce back and you'll go up and down until it stables off. 
But it was a great experience, though. I would totally recommend you to ride it if you're not a fainthearted. 

Back to Orchard, we indulged in desserts after screaming out the fats lol (i wish it could happen ;'D)
Waffle, Chocolate lava cake and Chocolate souffle from Laurent's cafe aren't comparable to chocolates from Max Brenner or Awfully Chocolate. We all agree that the souffle tastes the best, other than that, meh...

Oh no, it wasn't our dinner. HAHAHA. Main course after dessert? Who else does that? ;)
Went over to Nikita's place again and ordered the salted egg yolk chicken rice.

DAMN... Where have I had been?!?! I regretted that I ate the desserts earlier... I could have just save the space for this if only I knew... If I ever go to Singapore anytime in the future, I would definitely eat this and NO SHARING PLEASE ;p 

As what other girls would do, we gossiped and also looked at our old pictures ;D seriously, when you look back to what you looked like or what you did, it is unbelievably hilarious. Am I right?

27 October 2015 - I'm addicted to...

So it's finally the last day and I'm surprised of how much food we got to try within these few days. Before this trip, I wrote down places I wanted to try and I thought that I wouldn't be able to eat that much, or try as much. But it turns out we ate more than the ones from the list. Amazing right? hahaha

Had our lunch at PS Cafe and ordered a very unique pasta, Laksa Pasta. As unique as it sounds, flavour-wise isn't my forte. It has a very strong taste and also, smell, of something which I can't remember. And I ordered the sticky date pudding and I don't like it. It's just too freaking sweet.

I didn't eat all of it because I couldn't (TOO SWEET). After PS Cafe, we walked over to Takashimaya foodcourt and had another stick of ToriQ's chicken balls and pumpkin croquette(?).

Next was the S$1 ice cream, red bean flavour (my fave). 

I found this gyoza place which has mentai gyoza. Sounds very tasty right?
So, we tried it out and guess what? It's wayyyyyyy too salty. First I had something toooo sweet, and now this, toooo salty. 

We were finally full by eating a bit of here and there. While waiting for the time to go to the airport, we just wandered around the malls. And when it was time to go... oh yes, I bought another llaollao for myself :9 Though I was superb full, but I couldn't leave Singapore without another llaollao. So there I was, begin and end the trip with llaollao. 

Thanks for reading! See you in my next post. xx Julia <3


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