Tuesday, November 25, 2014

สวัสดี ค่ะ (Part 2)

Sorry if i took quite some time to post the Part 2.

After a great dinner on the cruise last night, we woke up very early today (like freaking 5 am?) to go to the Damnoen Floating Market. 
Well, there is nothing very significant there except the floating part.
i wouldn't suggest you to go if let's say you're going only for a couple of days.
Plus, if you're going to buy something there, please please don't be stupid to not negotiate and cut down the price as much as 50%-60%.

Mango sticky rice. Bought it from another boat. Tasteless and expensive.
What we had for lunch ... chicken fried rice (i guess) and pad thai. LOVE LOVE pad thai.

After the floating market, the tour guide brought us to this elephant place.

I was very terrified with the elephant... just dislike them.
Coconut ice cream. Not as good as the one from Chatuchak though.
Good enough to cool down the heat.
After that, we went to this wooden art gallery place.
The carved woods are extraordinary.
It definitely need a lot of skills.

After that artsy place, we went to this gemstone industry. 
But then i wasn't allowed to take any pictures. So yeah ...

The trip was quite exhausting especially when you woke up so early.
So we decided to get back to the hotel and relax and have a nap for a while.
Plus, i wasn't having a slight fever that time.
So after a good few hours of nap, we head out for dinner at Nara.

their Popiah. not bad.
It's chicken curry i believe.
The fish was fine. I would prefer another one in the menu.

So we woke up pretty early today (without any alarm).
We went out to have our breakfasr+lunch :p
We had chicken rice which is just the opposite of the hotel we stayed in.
It was very crowded so we give it a try.

And i would honestly say, chicken rice by my mom is way much better :p
After that, we went to Central World and ate at CoCo Ichibanya Curry House.

It's chicken mushroom curry plus some kind of fried chicken cutlet. 
After our meals, we went shoppingggg :D
well, i shop. he carries :p
We went to Platinum to shop and the stuffs there are extremely very cheap.

Got back to the hotel around 7 pm to put our (my) stuffs :p
Then, we went to Somboon Seafood.
We rode Tuk-tuk to get there. HAHA
This place was recommended by my brother so we give it a try.
They're famous for their Curry Crab. 
it turned out not that good though. 
I later found out that we went to the franchise place rather than the main/first restaurant.

The famous Curry Crab
Ordered veggies to complete the meal.
Original Pineapple-Thai Fried Rice.
Very aromatic steam fish.
Last Day.
We checked out and went to Central World to have our early lunch.
First we bought these cute little donuts.
From left to right, Coffee, Vanilla (i guess), Banana, Coconut.
The coconut one was da BOOM. 

Then we ate pizza. (Definitely Papa Ron's is better :p)

Pepperoni Cheese Pizza
After our pizza and donuts session, we went to the food hall(?), some kind of a supermarket.
We bought some local snacks to bring home.

As we still had time after our shopping session and before going to the airport,
I decided to go back to After You and eat dessert.
I ordered their Panooki and it turns out very small.
As small as a piece of soft cookie. But it tastes good.
Now i'm craving for it ... OMG

After dessert, it was time to get back to the hotel and head off to the airport :(

Few last words, ... (quite a lot actually.)
I would like to thank my boyfriend for this amazing trip.
Yes i was being an asshole sometimes one of the days, and i'm sorry for that.
I had an extremely great time with you.
Can't look forward for the next trip and another trips for the rest of my life <3
I love you :)

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