Monday, October 27, 2014

Sawasdee Ka สวัสดี ค่ะ (Part 1)

Sawasdee Ka สวัสดี ค่ะ

So here's the story ...
We have planned this trip for quite some time,
but then there were always a point where we got into a fight and then we cancelled the trip.
This time, he bought the ticket without me knowing it.
When i asked about the trip, he said 'You must be ready whether the trip is on or not"
On the 11th of October, i went back to Medan.
I surprised him with a visit to his house.
We went out for dinner with his friends afterwards.
We were about to go somewhere else after dinner, then there was a paper stick to the windowscreen.
He told me to take it, so i did.
I thought it was a brochure or smth like that. but guess what?
It was the flight tickets!
I couldn't stop smiling at that moment. Just simply couldn't be any happier.

First day, 17th Oct 2014
We met at Bangkok's airport. We went to the hotel and check-in right away;
put our stuff and went out (as i was so hungry that time).
We went to Central World and ate at a Thai Restaurant.
Loving my first meal at there <3

I was like, "Dude! Let's imitate these mannequin" 
Then there was a grandma who laugh at us by doing so ...

We strolled around after dinner and found a crowded ice cream shop.
So yeah i tried. The ice cream were quite sweet for my liking. but it was okay.

After Central World, we went around the market along our way back to the hotel and outside the hotel.

Went to the Madame Tussaunds today and just simply walk around Siam.
We tried a lot of street food and loving most of them <3
Oh! i also went to try the famous 'After You' :)

Selfie with Soekarno :p

His dinner
my dinner :p

my supper :p

We woke up quite early today. around 8 or 9 am.
We managed to go out around 11 am.
We went to chatuchak weekend market during the day and then had a dinner on cruise.
The cruise is called "Chao Praya Princess Cruise".

Coconut Ice Cream... YAY
This thing is da BOMB!

ignore me, look at the giraffe ;D
Fried pork with basil + egg + rice (thumbs up for this!)


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