Thursday, October 2, 2014

Days of Happiness

17 September 2014
I broke up with my boyfriend.

24 September 2014
I got a message from Peter that his mom and dad and Roni is going to Singapore to visit him. 
And, he said that I'll be going, too. 
At first, of course, i refused and i explained why. But then he said that they've bought the ticket for me. Then i had no choice.

26 September 2014
I went to Singapore today. I arrived there at 3.45 pm. Went to the hotel straight away to put my stuff and met Peter and his family at Paragon. 
I would honestly say that things weren't that awkward. Not as awkward as i thought i would be. 
So, long-short story, i got back with my boyfriend :p 

- 29 September 2014
Every day we went to orchard road and strolled around.
We had Din Tai Fung on the first day;

333 Bak Kut Teh at Balestier for lunch and Brotzeit for dinner on Saturday.

I finally got the chance to try Godiva's soft-serve ice cream! which is the most expensive ice cream i've ever eaten in life so far. S$ 8 each.


Went to ION's foodcourt for lunch on Sunday. (Carrot cake!! YAYY!!)
Then dinner at Takashimaya's foodcourt. (I had mango pudding ice smth. i can't remember the exact name, but it was delicious)

Overall, i had awesome days with them :)  enjoyed the short-unplanned trip so much <3

They said i look japanese with beanie... 
OH and I got a present from my babe! :D
a short funny story to share with y'all.
I bumped myself into the mirror...
I felt very insecure as i got to choose the things and the colors myself, which is kinda an awkward thing for me to do.
Roni told me to call his mom for her passport for the GST claim. When i was about to walk to his mom, i didn't really see where i was going, so yeah... I bumped into the mirror.

On the 29 September 2014, I went back to KL and they went back to Medan.
My flight was 9.45 am and theirs were 8.30 am.
So we went to the airport together.
Got myself a cup of caffe latte and a slice of tiramisu (which taste good!) after they went into the waiting room.

My flight was delayed for 30 minutes and they made us wait in the plane.

When i've reached my room, i unpacked my stuff and i found a letter ...
I was very touched and my tears were about to drop ...

I know it's a broken english, but at least he tried :')

30 September 2014
A friend of mine named Regina, she messaged me and told me to meet her at Starbucks. It was around 12.30 pm. I was in my room by that time to take my laptop and was about to go down anyway. So I waited for her at Starbucks and she told me to wait there for awhile.
ANDDDDDD it was Roni coming from my back and hug me <3
I was in complete mind-blown.
I just met him last 24 hours and now he was there standing in front of me.
Then he said he was hungry and so we went to Backofen (which is one of the restaurants in Taylor's).
I had class at 2-4 pm so I went for it.
And i need to clean my room, so i cleaned it after class.
Meet up with Roni at 7.30 pm and we went to Jibby and Co. to have our dinner :)

1 October 2014
Still mind-blown...
Because i don't have any classes on Wednesday, we went to Antipodean, Bangsar to have our lunch.

All day breakfast x smoked salmon omelette x bali date cake with butterscotch sauce
Then we went to Midvalley and The Gardens to shop. (a VERY tiring day)
Later at night, we went to Acme Bar&Cafe to have our dinner.

Grilled orange chicken x nachos x coconut pavlova
2 October 2014
Still mind-blown...
We went to Jojo's Little Kitchen for Lunch and then we went to Burger Factory afterwards. (Yes we kept eating) :p

Hot & Spicy Pan Mee (indeed very spicy)
Texas burger x spiced wedges

I have a class at 2 pm so yesterday he decided to go back to Medan today with a-5pm flight.
At first he didn't want to go back but my assignments are pilling up. He feels pity for me, so he decided to go back so that i can do my assignments :p

Thanks for being so understanding and loving :3
I couldn't ask for anyone who's better than you.
I could never found anyone else as great as you.
You're the best one and I'm lucky enough to have you as mine <3

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  1. you are so lucky to have him(:
    I really enjoy reading your blog,bytheway


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