Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend getaway: Penang

Jason, Catherine, Me, Claudia, Sabrina, Eric, Erick
So last weekend we went to Penang. 15th-17th August 2014.
We ate a lot. EXTREMELY A LOT. A bit too much perhaps. HAHA
We went there by 5.30 pm bus, and reached there around 11.30 pm.
We check-in into the hotel and put our things, and went out with much hope to eat durian.
.... but it was close. 
Then we went to a nearby food place and ate satay kacang and belacan crispy stuff ...
i just can't remember what it is called. lol
but there wasn't any belacan in the food. it's just probably the name.
i would honestly say that both stuffs aren't good. 

plus, there were a lot of small green insects at the food place, which made us eat quickly and leave. 
went back to the hotel and had a shower. we went into the guys room and chill.
some played cards, some just stuck with the phone.
slept at 2 or 3 am i guess, and woke up at 11 am.

egg custard
i swear this is one of the best inventions ever!
We went for a dimsum at Prosperous Dimsum, and then to lorong selamat afterwards.
Fried oyster

Then, we got to Gurney plaza and strolled around. And guess what?
We went into Toy R Us and we bought an Empire Monopoly. lololol
Lowest ground.
Found a pie shop at the lowest ground.
Chocolate pie. Egg custard beneath the chocolate.

We ate our dinner at "huana kak" around 6 pm, and then went to a place near Sunway hotel to have our durian.
Left to right; Rujak, (something), muachi.
Fried lok-lok, bean curd, lok-lok.

As some of us (Eric to be exact :p) wanted to play pool so badly, we found a Pool place nearby and got there after our durian session. 
it was 10 pm, we walked pass a food street and some of us were just hungry and bought some food.

Vegetarian Popiah, Fried carrot cake
Fried oyster
Brought back tambun from Ban Heang.

We played the Empire Monopoly and then Double dare.

Jason and Catherine were the victims. 
We stopped playing because we couldn't think of any dares for Catherine when she got it twice.
the girls were very tired and we went back to our room.
i didn't understand why Jason and Eric followed us, but then they disturbed us.
We couldn't sleep as we kept laughing and laughing.
We finally managed to sleep at 3 am, then woke up at 9 am.

The very last day ... we went to Perangin mall to buy an indeed very crispy and delicious double chocolate waffle. okay now i'm craving for it .... asdghjlfdshajf

we went to eat Char Kuew Tiaw and Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul at Lebuh Keng Kwee street.
I never liked chendul, but this one is different. it was absolute delicious. and also the Kuewtiaw.
It's definitely better than Lorong Selamat's one.

The popiah there is nahhh...

We went to Paragon afterwards and had our sweets craving fulfilled just before we leave the town.
it was indeed a very good one. i tried the extremely dark chocolate truffle, and i should say it is the best chocolate truffle i've tasted so far. and everything else, are just wonderful.

Our bus was at 4.30 pm. We played monopoly a long the half way and get dizzy afterwards. hehehe
After we reached Sunway Pyramid, we went to SS15 to eat kaima, which is simply broken burger meats topped with egg and cheese. 

I enjoyed the trip very much and hope to have another trip soon! xx


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