Wednesday, August 27, 2014


On her 77th Birthday. 3rd of June, 2014.
She started to get sick since mid-July 2014.
It got worse day by day. She got weaker and weaker.
She couldn't eat much, and her face turned pale, and then yellow by the end.
She went to the doctor, and the doctor said that she's losing her blood.
We didn't know what happen.

Saturday, 2nd of August 2014, I had a morning flight back to KL.
9.30 am.
When I reached KL, I got a message from my mom, saying that my grandma is admitted to the hospital.
She stayed for 2 nights, I guess.
But few days later, I got another news that she's admitted to the hospital again.
And things were getting worse.
She was being diagnosis. and ...

She has a cancer. Pancreatic cancer.
I couldn't hold the tears when i heard the news.
I was told to choose whether i want to go home or penang, because i was going to Penang by the weekend.
I went to Penang by the end, but if anything happen, i would go back immidiately.

The weekend passed and she was still in the hospital.
So i went back last weekend, 22-24 August.
A part of me was tearing when i saw her.
She looked very weak and ... dying. She couldn't walk much as she was lying every single day.
The doctor doesn't allow her to walk either.
She got exhausted easily. 
I spend the weekend visiting her every day, day and night.
On Sunday, she decided to go home. She felt better, she said.
I went back to KL on Sunday afternoon.
The last thing i said to her was that she must eat more so she could be healthy.
She also said, "ni hao hao a" which means, i should be good. (?)

Yesterday, i got the news that she was being admitted to the hospital again.
She was having blood deficiency.

Today, when i was doing my Visual Com assignment, 
i got a phone call from my brother. 6.33 pm (KL time)
He said, "Grandma is having trouble breathing. You need to come back tomorrow. Check the flight ticket and confirm to me soon"
8.30 pm, i got the news that my Grandma has gone.
I was completely speechless although i knew this time will come.
I 've prayed that i don't want her to struggle. If it's the time, then just take her away.

I believe that she's happy up there, meeting my grandpa, her husband, which she misses so much.
You're the best woman i've ever known, Pho Pho.
May you rest in peace.
I love you, Grandma.
爱你 :)


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