Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Saturday in Singapore

(From the left) Hafiz, Brian N., Shereen, Angie, Me, Bryan T.
Last weekend, 21 of June 2014, I finally went to Universal Studio Singapore!!
I went alone, but then I met my friends there.
At first I know there are going to KL, but I didn't know they are going to USS as well.
So few weeks ago, when I was in Medan, I met them at the cinema.
We talked for a while, and that was when I found out that they're going to USS.
So I (uninvited-ly) instantly said that I would like to join them.
I asked them whether I can join them or not. and they said yes (WOOHOO!)
At first I hesitate whether I should go or not because it's just the weekend before final exam.
However, after a lot of thinking (No, I didn't think at all. I just know that I must go), I finally decide to go.

Just want to tell you a fact that I couldn't sleep the night before the day.

It's a ROLEX!
(I found this on a Magazine while waiting for the boarding time.)
My first food is this Cinnamon Melts from McDonald.
I honestly say it's extremely too sweet for me but ...
Here I am again with this thing.

CHOCO CRO from St. Marc Cafe in Vivo City.
A good croissant with green tea, red bean, and chocolate filling.
I'm not sure what is the name of this one, 
but you can differentiate them by the colour of the paper-wrap.

I arrived at USS before them. I arrived at 2 pm and waited for them for an hour.
It was damn HOT!
So I strolled around Sentosa.
Wanted to get an ice cream but then I was too full for it.

Cinnamon sugar churros.
Not bad though.

We played some attraction and the best one is the Mummy ride thingy.
The sad thing is that the roller coasters are under maintenance :(

Awkward poses instructed by the camera-lady HAHA
Oh! and we were supposed to print and pay for this picture, but it costs SGD20.
So we decided to pretend that we are choosing which one to be printed, 
and we silently took a picture of them. (GENIUS HA!)

Not sure who they are ...
Marilyn Monroe

I couldn't find the human Minions :(
So I decided to take a picture with the figure instead :(
(Although at first i told them we're not going home if I don't meet the minions :( )

So we went out of USS quite early and we had our dinner at Vivo City foodcourt.
My carrot cake :9
Shereen's wanton noodles.
Okay, we were supposed to share these two dishes,
but then we end up sharing 1/4 of both dishes only.
It was damn gooddddddd.

Here we are after a very long walk from Lavender MRT Station to Golden Mile Complex.
It was indeed a very tiring day.
Honestly, I've never felt so tired before.
But the tiredness is worth the fun.

We finally arrived at Swiss Garden KL, which is the stopping place, at around 5 am.
I had hard time sleeping in the bus because it was cold and not comfy enough for me.
So, they put they luggage in the hotel and we went to McDonald's nearby which is in Bukit Bintang area.

I ordered Big Breakfast and ...
It's different from the one I had in Singapore.
I like the Singapore one A LOT better.

I left around 7 am and reached my room at 8 am.
Short story, I took a bath and slept at 9 am.
At 10 am, my phone rang and it was my uncle calling.
He said he is in KL and told me to go to KLCC in an hour.
So yeah...
I took a bath again and went off at 11 am and reached KLCC at 12 pm.
AND... My uncle wasn't there yet. Awesome.

Had a bit of shopping day and went home at 6 pm.
I slept at 8 pm guys! lol
And woke up the next day at 7 am.
Such a good sleep.

Anyway, I had such an amazing weekend and I would like to thank Angie, Shereen, Hafiz, Bryan T., and Brian N., for letting me joining them. BIG HUGS for you guys!! 


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