A Day in Malacca

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(Somewhere in Jonker Street. I think it's a cafe's wall.)
Last Sunday, 18th of May 2014,
we finally, after few times of cancellations, went to Malacca.
We tried the famous chicken rice balls and satay celup.
Which turns out not that good :(
But we still had a lot of fun.
We walked around Jonker Street and took lots of pictures.
Like A LOT of pictures. lol

On our way to Malacca
Chicken Rice Balls
Durian cendol and Gula Melaka Cendol.
I prefer the Gula Melaka Cendol though.
We found a Chocolate Shop somewhere in Jonker Street.
It was GOOD!

It's just eggs, but it's quite good!

We found this in Jonker Street. It's basically puff pastry with Yam or Sweet Potato fillings.
I like the Sweet Potato ones better! but both are delicious!
Will definitely buy more when i go next time.

We found this cute Hello Kitty Cafe :0

Inside a MEME store. "Mister Potato"
A historical place ... with canons ...
Our dinner : The Famous Satay Celup