Friday, April 25, 2014


So basically i've been in Malaysia for exactly a month ...
and i'm still alive!!
i survived!!
Things here are great.
I meet new friends, I make new friends.
I met a lot of people actually. And they are all very friendly.

Diploma in Business (DIB)'s welcome party. We signed and sneak in to get free food and balloons:p

I miss my grandma though :(
I miss my friends :(
I miss Medan's food.
I miss spicy and hot food.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy it here.
However, there is no other place that is better than your home. 
It's your comfort zone ... with the people and environment.

It's Shamil's birthday today!
Mind mapping talks. it was so damn boring
now i really really miss my hometown :(
i hope my Visa will be out soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

OH! By the way, 
Roni visited last weekend :3
i could never describe how much i love him :) <3
it's beyond my consciousness (huhahuha)

The pasta is superb. He was like "it's the best pasta ever"

It was such a freaking happy time but destroyed by some incidents
one of it is i got rob. Yeaa...
I got rob.
I lost my wallet and stuff, so yea ...


  1. if you dont mind, may I know how tall are you? what I mean is your height?

  2. I thought u were 170-ish. hahhaa. sorry for asking you stupid question. just wondering your height. and btw, nice blog and pictures. keep it up!

  3. Are u staying in kl with ur val?I'm an indonesian and is going to study in malaysia would be nice if u can tell me :)

  4. Hi! You have nice posts right here!do you mind to share a bit how's life going there? Like, the safety wise, food, and environment? thanks and cheers! :)


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