Sunday, February 16, 2014

17th Birthday

a year has passed within a blink of an eye.
can't believe i'm officially 17!!
a week before my birthday, i was planning everything for my party. 
i was quite stressed and depressed because some conditions were bad.
anyway, though the party was small, i still wanted to make it perfect.
but it was perfect itself by having close friends coming and also, don't forget, my boyfriend.

a surprise from them :)

custom cake made by @bonbonartisan (instagram)
their cake is very good and deserves a two-thumbs up
everyone loves the cake.

(awkward pose holding the balloons bahahaha)

make a wish like 3 times and got a surprise from the back :)
in case if you read this, i loveloveloveloveloveloveeeeeeeeeeee you sooooooo much <3

i received a beautiful necklace with his initial name on it

and also a lovely bracelet from the lovelies muahhhhhhh

the photographer :)

all i can say is that i'm so glad that most of people i've invited come and celebrate the day with me.
also i'm so thankful for all the lovely wishes.
Thank you, too, for all the gifts, especially from my boyfriend's and my best friend's.
i couldn't be happier :):):)

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