Monday, July 17, 2017

London's Quick (Food) Guide

I've never thought I'd like London as much.
What really caught me is the food.
No big surprise there right?
So, here's a quick (food) guide in London.

Rosemary and Sea Salt Focaccia Bread
I never liked fried chicken and waffle.
It tastes a bit weird.
I have a belief that waffles can only be eaten with sweet condiments.
Well, this place has definitely changed my mind.
Duck+Waffle+Egg+Maple Syrup = Perfection.
It is so good that you would want to lick your plate hahaha
It sounds intimidating at first but once I tried it, it's mind-blowing.
The duck has a crispy skin and it's very, very juicy on the inside.
It's a must-go place to dine in London.

Their burgers are to die for.
I personally prefer the chicken one, but their beef ones are very tasty as well.
Both are cooked perfectly, extremely tender and juicy.
However, their fries are a bit let down.
It was a bit soggy and the cheese didn't taste good.
I'll skip the fries next time I go.

Now here's the winner for fries.
Their Cajun Fries are damn good.
Fresh, hot, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.
The Cajun seasoning is so on point that you'll keep eating it without even thinking.

Their pizzas are good but I won't really recommend you to try it.
I believe there are better pizzas out there.
But the one with the truffle oil is pretty good if you like truffle.
I don't. So yeah...

I only tried one gelato place in London but I can say that this is one of the best.
The flavour tastes fresh and real.
I personally prefer the sorbets over the gelato tho.

I'm such a huge fan of CupcakeJemma. I've subscribed to her Youtube channel since, umm, I don't really remember but it's been a few years now.
So, I was stoked to go to this place..
but it was such a huge disappointment and I swear, I would never visit this shop anymore.
The staffs are so unfriendly and seriously, I know you are working in a famous shop, but don't act like shit.
When I first walked into the store, I instantly took pictures of the cakes and it did take me some time.
So the staffs were waiting for my orders. 
When I ordered, they looked unhappy.
Especially when my friend wanted to change the orders from normal sized cupcakes to mini ones.
But honestly, you should be grateful if you have foreigners coming in.
It shows that your shop is well-known.
After trying the cakes and stuff (I tried the velvet volcano cake and peanut butter brownies), they are not bad but not that great either.
It's something to be missed.

I own a book recipe from this bakery, that's why I know this place.
The worker is very friendly and informative.
I got myself the black-bottom cupcake and raspberry cream cheese brownies (i think), and both are amazingly good.
The cupcake is so moist and not too sweet. The cream cheese frosting is slightly too sweet for me though but it's so good!
My favourite has to be the brownies.
The tanginess of the raspberry and cream cheese cut out the sweetness of the brownies.
it's just the perfect balance.
So, if you're in London, be sure to check out this bakery because they sell really tasty stuff.

I heard this place from CupcakeJemma's Youtube channel.
As a doughnut lover, I just have to try it.
 I got the Lamington doughnut and I believe no one could mess up a Lamington.
Plus, I loveee Lamington.
Anyway, the one I got is not the deep-fried kind, it's a cake doughnut.
First bite and I'm in love.
You have to try it if you're a fan of coconut+chocolate+jam.
Seriously, that combo is awesome.

This is the place where foodies will die.
There are so many food options and everything looks damn good.
Especially the desserts, so tempting.
I had the Scotch eggs with sweet potato fries, beef pie, and duck wrap.
I'm not sure whether the Scotch Egg I had is the traditional one and supposed to taste like that or what, but I'm not a fan of the one I had.
The meat part tasted weird. It reminds me a lot to meatloaf.
But sweet potato fries are pretty good. I think all fries are good. hahaha

The Meat Pie is also tasted a bit off. 
The beef has a very strong aftertaste and it's very unpleasant.
The crust is good tho.

Duck wrap is pretty unique.
It has the Chinese taste but in a wrap which is Arabic?
It looks like kebab, but it tastes like pecking duck.
The wrap contains a generous amount of duck meat and lettuce.
The meat is very soft and tender and juicy. 
The lettuce brightens up the whole thing as duck meat is very fattening and it also gives a very good crunch to the eating experience.

Alright, that's all I got to say and I hope it's helpful to some of you.
I'll see you in my next post!
xx Julia

Here are random pictures from the trip.

Don't forget to watch the Vlog on my Youtube channel as well!


  1. This really helped me out because I am in London for a few days and was looking for places to eat! Thank you for such a detailed review and I really love the photography!

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