Sunday, March 5, 2017

Damn I'm 20!

It feels ages since the last time I posted anything. I still have one unpost content on my draft about the food I had at Jakarta back in September 2016 HAHAHAHA. I'm such a procrastinator. Forgive me please. I will have it up as soon as possible!

Anyway, as usual, this is my yearly (obviously) birthday post.
As always, I would like to thank every single person I know, my family, my boyfriend and best friends, and just some people who I stumbled upon, for everything you guys had done and for those that had been through the thick and thin with me. 
Life isn't going to be like what it is now without the presence of each of you in my life.

On Saturday, 4th of February, I had my birthday dinner. 
It's earlier because some of my friends were going back to their uni the next day. 
God damn, I'm 20 ... Feels really old to say that I'm now in the 20s club.

It was pretty a casual night at Bel Mondo. 
A nice chit chat with the girls (mostly) and guys (not so much). 
In the midst of taking photos, I didn't realize most of the table are empty. Where the people went?
When I did realize was when they all appeared and sang the Happy Birthday song with the cake I baked earlier that day. HAHAHA what a mind blown!
I was indeed surprised by the unexpected cake and well, everything came up to my mind that the cake was previously delivered to my own friend's house but using the mom's name.
Seriously, what was I thinking?
I must be too exhausted to even realize that. 
Don't I just have the cutest bunch of friends? :')
The night went well and yes, I love my group of people.

The next day, which was Sunday the 5th, 
I went to a female orphanage place called Evangeline Booth and for the first time in my life, I am able to give back.
I've been wanting to do that for years now and wasn't able to do it back then because I had no income. Yes I had sufficient money to buy all the stuff and I'm indeed giving sincerely, but I thought, what's the point if it isn't the money from my own hard work?
So this first time giving back isn't much but I really hope it's doing good for the people there. I really wish I could do more and I promise myself I will do it real' big later on. 
But it feels really good to be able to do it now and crossing the point out of my bucket list :)

Moving on to Valentine's day, 
My boyfriend and I decided to not have the fancy dinner as it costs, well, pretty darn expensive and it's not really worth the price. I would prefer to have a good fine dining with a wonderful view somewhere else. 
Anyway, we spent the night having sushi (which is my faveeeeee. yumsss) at Sushi Tei and went to Soho to chill for the rest of the night. 
Before we arrived at Sushi Tei, my boyfriend surprised me with a stalk of beautiful blue rose. It was pretty a funny moment because I was on my phone and looking outside the window and my boyfriend was driving while he tried to hold the rose to give it to me. 
Trying so hard, he said the flower kept falling down and he didn't want me to know that he was holding one. 
Anyhow, I was still surprised and the funny story is, he asked me whether I like roses or flowers in general, and I said no. I don't mind but I prefer not to received one because it'll be useless for me and the people who give for spending their money on those pricy flowers. 
But there he was, with that blue rose in his hand...
I probably never mentioned this, but I've said to myself or some people a couple of times that I would marry someone who gave me blue roses causes I freaking love blue and rose? Come on. Who taught that blue rose is a thing? Even there's the gold ones now... say whattttt?
Well, does that mean I will be marrying my boyfriend later? we'll see ;) I'll keep you all updated. hahahaha

It was 12.30 AM when we left Soho, so it was already my birthday.
I wanted to go home but my boyfriend kinda insisted me to go over his house to blow the candle first. But I was like, "I'm tired... can we just do it tomorrow?"
and he kept saying that it's best for me to blow it now and bring the cake home rather than tomorrow. 
So after few arguments, I agreed on going to his house.
Nothing really fancy, just my boyfriend singing happy birthday song with a cake that I requested (lol!)
It's simple but it is one of those little things you appreciate a lot in life (gosh I'm literally crying happy tears while I'm typing it. Soooo emotional...)
After I blew the candle, I saw my boyfriend taking out another stalk of rose from the fridge :')
It's the rainbow rose!
Yes I did say it is ugly at first when he asked me about roses/flowers in the car earlier... but damn, boy... you surprised me again!
I love surprises, big or small ;)
While I was busy taking photos or snapping for Instagram & Snapchat, my boyfriend went upstairs to his room. Wasn't expecting anything, he came down with a big present. 
I remember precisely that I was recording on Snapchat and was saying thank you to my boyfriend when he came with the present, so I was a bit surprised. You'll understand what I mean if you watch the snap.
 So it was the time to unbox the present.
As I said, I genuinely not expecting anything. Why? Simple because I told not to give me anything after last year's present. (read it here)
Inside the big wrap is....
*drum rolls*
A Macbook Pro :')
I wanted to buy it initially, he knew it and he said that he had no idea what else to give and since I needed it, he thought, why not?
Again, thanks a bunch babe! (if you're reading this)
I love you to the core of my heart hahahaha

On the evening of 15th February,
my group of friends came by my house to surprised me.
But they failed HAHAHA
Because my mom called me and said my friends are here.
but it's alright, I'm still grateful for it.
Thanks girls! You know who you are <3

On the 16th of February,
I received a parcel all the way from Malaysia.
I know about it beforehand because yesterday (which was the 15th), this girl (I think she regrets asking me now hahaha) asked about whether or not I've received the parcel.
Nevertheless, I was very very excited when I found out about it and more than thrilled receiving the parcel the next day.
She, Vetriana, has sent a gift and a letter over to my place.
I swear I took a proper picture of it that day but the file is missing :(
I have no idea someone would ever be so thoughtful towards me.
Not saying it to pleased her but I did cried a little because I was simply too darn happy.
It was very very very very unexpected. 
I love you Vetriana S. Tonoto!  (If you're reading this as well :'D)
Will never ever forget you now ;p

Well, I guess that wraps up my 20th Birthday. Hope you enjoy it! 
Thanks for reading and I'll see you in my next post. xx, Julia


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