Thursday, April 26, 2012


Went to sushitei with dad and grandma yesterday.
Went to sushitei either with friends today. :D
It was a great day you know?
I'll tell you why. :b
So when we were on our back to home, angela who was driving, accidentally hit a motorcycler. There was 2 guy. The guy who was sitting behind was injure. Not a serious one actually. Just some scars. The scars which kids get when they fall off the bike while they are learning to ride it. That kind of scars. Not a serious one right?
So there was a guy who was the most annoying person i've ever met so far. He was like talking non-stop while it's not even his bussiness. He's not even the injured person cousin or friend or something like that. He was just a street-loney-troublesome person. Ai think he's a "forever alone" guy so he must involve in things like that to get attention. Geez. I called this person "panjang" which is "long" in english because he's skinny and tall. The others called him "snoop dogg" because he's dark-skinned and the way he acts was like Snoop Dogg. Lol
So anyway, i was wishing that he'll die soon but whatever. Karma will definitely slap him in the butt. Lol


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