Saturday, April 21, 2012

Heart speaks

I've been through the pain, the tears, the happy and sad moments, and many more. Now i know how hard life can be. The sentence "fight for what you love and never give up." is really helping. I believe in miracles.

I wonder about everything. I keep thinking about everything. I'm considering the consequences i'll get. How much trouble i'll get. Sometimes i do feels like an useless living human ever.

I do things my way. The way i think that is the right way to do. However parents always disagree with my way. Not always but most of the time. I found that quite annoying. Just simply pain-in-the-ass. That's how i describe myself actually. I'm pain-in-the-ass to others :)

I thank God for the problems i had. I learn a lot from it. If just i know how to solve everything right away, it will be great. Everything will be simply just fine.


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