Wednesday, April 24, 2013


a month ago, it was my cousin's wedding. "Happy Weddingggg!!"
so, i had a chance to skip school for 3 days. it wasn't "that" fun, but it was okay.

I bet you think i'm crazy for bringing such a big luggage for only 3 days.
i brought a dress with me. that's why i need such a big one.

First day, went to the flower dome with mama.
It was well decorated but doesn't have many amazing flower species in it.

The view from the room.

Night view from the room

i took a walk at the swimming pool and looking at the view ...
Singapore is so full of lights. it is what makes it so beautiful.

after a short walk upstairs, i had my dinner at the buffet which i forget the name.
it was, well, good actually. but the desserts are not as what i expected. 

sadly, the macaroons are for display only.

 and we need to pay for these if we want one.
this ones, too.

the mini chocolate lava cake is my favourie one.
it's the most delicious one among the others

i found blackberries at the Cold Storage and i bought a box of them.
i didn't expect the taste will be like that.
it was sweet but bitter in the end.
i turned out to be throwing half box of them.

The last day, i bought Auntie Anne's which is delicious.

takoyaki which is my heaven.

fried oyster which looks good but doesn't taste that way

 i was so in love with this Miss Selfridge dress at the first sight.
but when i tried them on, i looked sooooooooo fat.
so, i didn't buy them in the end. lol

Finally i found them. they sell artsy things. 
go in if you see this store.
you'll love what they sell

Overall, i quite enjoy my short trip, even though 
i didn't have enough time to do everything i wanted to.


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