Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fruit Tart

well, hello there!:)
i would like to share fruit tart recipe today.
i made some earlier this day and it worked :D
so here it is......

Tart crust :
43g of flour
15g of castor sugar
31g of butter (cut into small cubes)

Filling :
100 ml of milk
a drop of vanilla extract
1 egg yolk
16g of granulated sugar
15g of flour

Any assorted fruit. Cut into small cubes or pieces
Jelly powder
Hot water

For the crust :
- combine all ingredients using your fingers, until mixture becomes dough. add more flour if mixture looks kinda wet. 
- use 2 plastics and put dough in between. roll the dough until flat and thin (but not too thin). put the flat dough into the molds and press it with fingers to make it  compact. don't forget to keep the thickness consistent.
- refrigerate for 20 minutes (freeze)

For the filling :
- beat egg and sugar together until soft and fluffly and color become pale
- add in flour. While beating, boil the milk. And then add to the egg mixture. Beat for several minutes.
- heat up the egg mixture. Stir while heating. Until mixture thickens.
- add in vanilla and stir.

For the toppings:
- any assorted fruit cut into small cubes or pieces.
- for the glaze, you can use jelly powder mix with some hot water and use pastry brush and brush it onto the fruit.

Decorate your fruit tart(s) as desire.

Notes to remember:
- add more flour to the crust if it's too wet or soft
- do not forget to use the aluminium foil and put some weight onto the crust
- do not overcooked the tart crust or it will burnt.
- add more flour to the filling cream if it's too slushy.

Happy baking!!
Enjoyyy :)
xoxo, Julia


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