Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Year and still counting ❤

Dear Roni,
A year seemed to pass so fast. It has been an amazing year with you. Every second spend with you is the moment i would never forget. All the time that we shared. The joy and tears. Everything we had is wonderful. Though sometimes we fought, when you or me made a mistake, we should really remember it's a risk we gotta take and also a lesson. It's a thing every relationships have. A lesson to correct each other and lead each other to become a better person. 

You know when people said that when you love someone, there's no typical reason to it. You'll be willing to do anything for that person. You'll sacrifice anything humanly possibly do. You'll always be there for him/her. That person will be the first and last thing you remember when you're awake and about to sleep. When he/she is the reason why your butterflies in your stomach wouldn't stop. The reason why your heart beats faster every time he/she is around you. When the world would stop when they take a look at you. 
YOU are that person. You are the reason why all those crazy things happen to me. 

If i could rewind the time, i would never change the decision i made. The time when i chose you. It's never a mistake. No regrets. I love you with all my heart. Happy One Year Anniversary, Darling. I love you more and more each day and still growing. 

Forever and Always,

He came to my school just to gave me this :)


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