Monday, September 24, 2012


Secondary 4 students were going to Siantar a week ago, which was on the 13th-14th of September. And i'm going to be honest. It was the best field trip so far. Awesome time. I had a really great time. I was in the same room with jacylin, janica, and feliciana, but i didn't sleep with them. I went to vero's room instead. Their room was noce. It was really cold at night. Short funny story, we (shereen, claudia, angie, and I) were extremely cold but the AC remote was broken and vero and fio were sleeping using the whole blanket just for both of them. So, we were cold all night long. Lol.

Anyway, around 1 or 2 a.m., claudia, shereen, angie and I, we went to the other building (there were 3 buildings, ours were the nicest one :b). We went to andrew sunarto's room actually. BT, nicholas, bn, alfred eric, and the others (i forget who) were there. We talked and talked and talked and ate pringles. Lol. We (the girls) told rama, who was going outside to eat some fried rice and stuff with jody and the others), to bought it for us too. The fried rice was actually quite good. Just a bit salty. I didn't sleep the all night. I slept at 4.30 a.m. and i woke up at 4.45 a.m. I tried to sleep again, but awake at 5. Lol. I was watching The Virgin, Last Song and The Tourist with claudia and angie while the others were sleeping.

Anyway, i ate a lot at there. Like extremely lot. Lol
In the morning, before going to shcool, mom made me a sandwich.
In the bus, just right after we lefted the school, shereen and the others, ate snacks. I ate it too. We ate like, a lot. 5 different kind of pringles, some crackers and other snacks.
Then, at lunch time, i ate again. The school bought "nasi bungkus" for us. It was delicious actually.
After lunch, we continued our journey. We stopped eating in a mean time. But then, we started eating again.
At night, the teachers bought us "nasi kotak", which is not nice at all.
At 9 p.m., bn and the others went outside. There are many stands selling martabak, sate, and stuff. All of them are food. So, they bought "sate", "martabak telur", and "martabak cokelat". So, i ate. The "martabak telur" is extremely delicious. It was the most delicious martabak i've ever tasted in my whole life. It was called "Martabak RIO", if i'm not mistaken. Seriously, if you go to Siantar, you must eat this martabak. It is located in front of Wisma Pantai Timur. It's only open at night.
At 12 p.m., claudia, bn, bt, hafiz, and I, we went outside, and bought another "martabak telur", "martabak cokelat", and "roti bakar". I ate again.
Around 1-2 a.m., claudia, shereen, angie, and I, we ate pringles in andrew's room and we also ate fried rice bought by rama.
The next morning, the motel gave us fried rice for breakfast. After that, i ate another pack of chocolate loacker. Lol
Then, we had lunch somewhere in siantar. We ate birds. :b
On the way back to medan, we stopped at tebing tinggi. There are people selling "lemang" on the side of the street. I ate that too. Trolololol
And it was all my eating time in Siantar. It was a lot right? Lol. But i didn't gain any weight (thankfully).

Right now, i really hope i can go to Siantar again. I really want to eat the martabak. It is extremely delicious.


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