Thursday, August 16, 2012

Games Day

It's a day before the independence day and as usual, our years after years tradition, we play games. The panjat pinang, spongebob war, pecah piring, and many more. So, here's a great thing about today. My friends and I went out to have out lunch at Mie Sop Koki, which is located dirrectly infront of our school. This is the best part. We met out principle there :) how awesome was that?! So we got detention as soon as we get back to school and blablabla. Our parents also being called. So it was kinda annoying. Those people treat us like kids. We also got into some arguements which was awesome because we got to scold the teachers, too. It's really unfair you know? The principle can have the permission to go out and eat. How about us? We would never be allow to do that kind of stuff. Anyway, there was an emotional moment which is when our "BP" started to cry together with us. It was pretty touching. Lol. Anyway, some of us got scold, some of us didn't. I'm one of the "didn't get scold" people, which is good. It's my last year so whateverrrrrr! YOLO!


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