Monday, July 16, 2012

His Birthdayyy

Happy birthday to my beloved boyfrienddddd <3 hihihi 
I was really upset cause the cake i ordered melts because i didn't told my driver to put it into the fridge. I was in panic at the moment, but then, thankfully i thought of dutch bakery. The nearest bakery i could find. Anyway, it wasn't really a big surprise. Still kinda upset and mad at the same time ): goshhhhh

it was melting :(
so i bought this instead :(
Lesson i got today is that always put the cakes into the fridge. Especially when you told someone else to take it for you. It happened to me ): i told my driver to take it and unfortunately he doesn't understand english ):
Anyway, it has to be a good day. So smile to the problem! :)


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