Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Just back from short vacation and i'm soooooooo tired. I need a really really long sleep. What suprise me most is that i gain 3kg! Shit man-___- how am i suppose to loss weight that much in a short time? :( so depressed you know? T.T
I had a really great time shopping actually. Didn't buy much though. And finally! I ate Tony Roma's on Sunday night! Wohooo! :b

late night, me and my aunt went to klcc and watched Vampire Hunter there. The movie isn't so good actually. Haha. Before we went inside the cinema, there was 5 man who go in. So i was, well, scarex :b So, we waited until there was a women who goes in and then we followed her. Hahaha. It was 1 o'clock (midnight) when we arrived at the hotel. We walk from klcc to the hotel. Not so far but it was dark. If i was walking alone, i would cry. Lol

Here's some pictures from my very short vacation :p

This bacon is absolutely delicious. You should try this if you go to Alor.

Delicious lok-lok :D

Breakfast in the hotel. Believe me, i ate more than this. lol
see those cupcakes with white cream (bottom right) ? it's delicious :p
taste like oreos
i like this food. i forget what it's called, but this is in the klcc foodcourt(?)
Chilli's dessert


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