Monday, March 19, 2012


Less than 42 hours at singapore and i'm freakingly tired.
My eyes (until now) still feel heavy
I want to sleep 24 hours if i can
But it was a great weekend
And wicked drama is totally awesome
Just a little too much singing happened
I didn't shop a lot but i'm running out of money

Anyway, the first day at SG,
Our first impression by the Singaporean is "annoying~"
That was because we were like the only group of people who is really noisy in the MRT. Lol
The second impression was on the second day when we were asking a women to took a picture of us with the wicked background and she was like "i'm waitingg" for the camera. Geez.
You guys don't know how annoying the women was.
Feels like slapping her face. Lol
But it was the nest weekend i've ever had :b

Wicked is awesome!!!! :D

our shopping stuff <3
another shopping stuff <3
To see more picture :D click the here


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