Monday, September 26, 2011

Thanks GOD !

Yesterday, bad things happened .__.
1st of all i was totally pissed of with my brother
and 2nd vivi cen almost die .__.

i was totally pissed off because i was suppose to go to movie with roni and his friends,
but brother didn't allow me, because he thought that no girls are joining.
i said there are girls joining, but i don't know who it is.
the point is THERE WAS. geez

and yesterday, there was a small accident which is very frightening.
vivi cen almost die.__.
we were playing that game where we are going to let the car moves and
we will jump out of the car that switch places.
but last night, it didn't go well :/
tommy was driving and suddenly he opened he door and he jumped.
peter also wanted to jump, but nikita said don't because the car was moving so fast.
so no one was driving, and the car was going right.
so vivi cen jumped to the driver's place and wanted to stop the car.
but she didn't do it. she thought tommy wanted to drive the car so she jumped out of the car.
then nikita immediately pulled the hand-break and the car slows down.
peter jumped out of the car and ran to vivi cen.
nikita stopped the car afterwards, and then i went out of the car and ran to vivi cen.
followed by nikita and winaldo.
it was tragic and weird too.
vivi cen didn't get hit by the door neither the car.
she was really save by god :)
because she said the she was like being pull when she was on the ground.
pulled away from the car a little bit.
and she was also, seemed like, being pull or push by the bad things :S
because she didn't know why she jumped out of the car :S
geez. i shiver every time i say that part .__.


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