Friday, July 22, 2011

it was dramatic

22nd of july, 2011
it was our last day with nengbo (Andrean S.)
we are going to miss him like hellll :(:(:(:(:(:(
nikita, fio, vicen, aban, and winaldo were crying.
i was crying also, but not as much as them
my tears fell when we called nengbo.
when he said "hallo?"
it was really a dramatic situation.
he's one of the best guy we've ever met.
he's kind.
he helped us every time.
he's always there when we needed him.
he's great. fabulous.
we'll see you soon nengbo.
study hard there and never give up.
don't forget us cause we'll never forget you either. 
you're the best friend we ever had.
we love you nengbo!



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